Drugstore Series: Alobon Fantasy Magic Baking Powder Blush #13 & #27

Visited Mustafa Centre with a group of colleagues some weeks back and I took this opportunity to check out the range of drugstore cosmetics that were available there. For the uninitiated, Mustafa Centre is open 24/7 and carries the largest range of products among other retailers including electronics, beauty products, toiletries, furniture, bedding etc. It is exciting to shop there because you’d never know what treasures you may chance upon!

I found these Alobon Baked Blushers sitting forlornly in an unobtrusive corner amongst other random cosmetic products and initially I was ready to pass on them when curiosity got the better of me. Like any other beauty enthusiasts, I couldn’t help but reach in for a seemingly innocent swatch… and I ended up buying two of this babies home.

(L-R): #27, #13

They look really unassuming in the flimsy plastic packaging but they sure do pack a punch when swatched!

Don’t you just love mineralized blushers? The way these colours are swirled together remind me of the Paddlepop icecreams from my childhood days.



#27 is an orangey-bronze with plenty of silver swirled into it whereas #13 reminds me a little of MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Petticoat (but they aren’t dupes!). It is a berry/mauvish colour with pale pinks and a little bronze mixed into it.


This was two swipes over no base and while the blushers are powdery, they do not look chalky nor faded and show up very well against my skin with a LOT of shimmers.

#13 worn on cheek

#27 worn on cheek

I had wanted to use #27 as a highlighter but apparently the orangey-bronze is overpowering and hence it makes a really nice contouring blush whereas #13 just shows up as a healthy berry pink on me but too much and the tendency of appearing too red is high. When worn, the silver shimmer sheen is noticeable in both pictures and therefore may not be so suitable for people battling pore problems or people with oily skin. These blushers really look very dewy and shiny due to the shimmer particles but one upside is that the shimmer bits are not chunky. I recommend going very lighthanded with them because they can look overpowering on the cheeks. I don’t love them, but they are such nice additions to my blush collection and will be perfect for anyone new to makeup or are just starting to build up their kit.


$6.80 / Net vol. was not recorded on the packaging 😦


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  1. Very pretty shades of blush! I love your eye makeup!

  2. I think this 2 shade is kinda of too noticeable for you and really doesn’t look good on you.

    • Hi Emily!

      I understand your concern, in fact I actually put on 3 layers of this blush for it to show up better on camera 🙂 It is definitely too much for daily wear 😛

  3. Is nice and cheap.

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