Anna Sui 2012: Spring Fairy Collection

Spring is in the air with some of Anna Sui’s new blushers! My colleagues had kindly gotten me some of them knowing that I was brimming with anticipation and excitement at their release.

#100 & #301



#100 is a highlighting powder that features blue, purple and shimmery white roses whereas #301 is a versatile peachy-pink depending on how much of each colour you use. I just prefer swirling my brush into the rose petals to get a good mixture of colours.

Mixed swatch (L-R): #100, #301

These blushers contain the familiar signature rose scent that all Anna Sui products have and are silky smooth and pigmented to the touch. Good news though, these blushers will become permanent at all Anna Sui counters so there is no rush to get them. Each blush pan is 6g (similar to a MAC blush) and retails for $49 each.


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  1. Isn’t the rose print simply amazing? I’m totally is love with these blush. I went haul crazy with these.

    • Yes they are damn pretty! I couldnt bear to use them at all and it took me a lot of courage to start using them because I was so afraid of messing up the rose designs 😛

  2. $49, not $51?? u know hw much bkk selling… S$60++!!!!

  3. Such gorgeous shots. 🙂 You make me want 301, though I’m more inclined to cool pinks like 300! I’ve already blurred the centre rose of 100. :O

    • Woots! Thanks for dropping by my blog! 301 is a such a gorgeous peachy pink – definitely something I’d have picked out on my own (lucky my colleagues and I share the same tastes :P). 100 is a beautiful highlight but I haven’t gotten around to using it frequently yet because I’m so besotted with my Guerlain Cruel Gardenia! You should get a back up of 100 since you have been using so much of it 🙂

  4. Looks so pretty!!

  5. Eileen, I went to Anna Sui Counter and they are sold out 😦
    they only have the brown color which I don’t intend to buy..

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