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Swatch & Review: ZOYA Crystal

Zoya Crystal can be described as a light, silvered shiny blue metallic foil with sparks of brilliant yellow gold. It looks super pretty in the bottle with all those shimmery gold flakes suspending in the icy blue base.

Color Family: Blues

Finish: Metallic

Intensity: 5 (1=Sheer – 5=Opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Flame

You can see the gold flakes better under low lights:

With flash:

The sparkle of this polish is amazing. However, it does dry down to a muted icy foil finish rather than all-out glitter. I imagine this on a lady like Snow Queen on a cold wintry icy day which makes it a perfect polish for winter. Well, not like it’s ever gonna snow around here where I live.. 😛

This polish was sheerer than I had expected it to be (not that the formula isn’t great) and it took me four coats to achieve bottle color. It isn’t 100% opaque because I can still see my nail tips when I hold my fingers up against the light but I couldn’t see VNL on the nails themselves.


OPI Dating A Royal + OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight

Just swatches of some OPI polishes I had on yesterday and today:

OPI Dating A Royal (2coats):

Borrowed this from my sister 😛 This is a very nice rich-looking royal blue creme that looks perfect on about every skin tone. Every blue fiend needs this, Im not even a blue polish fan but I quite like how it looks on me even though it doesn’t look very attractive in the bottle. Formula was thin but pigmented and easy to apply.

OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight (2coats):

Under sunlight:

This is a vampy dark eggplant with very elegant shimmers. Even in artificial lighting it looks like a very dark plum instead of black like most vampy colors. Sigh, I love this so much and I can see why it is so highly raved. A good thing it isn’t LE! I had this bottle for a couple of years (why, it’s almost as old as my China Glaze Ruby Pumps) and the formula is still intact after all this years. Granted, it’s slightly goopy and crusty around the bottle opening but I had no application issues with this unlike Ruby Pumps which caused a jelly mess all over my cuticles. A definite must have for any vampy lovers. This is too sexy a colour to pass up.

It does remind me of Tease-y Does It though, just that Teas-y Does It has a lot more shimmers to it. I might do a comparison soon.

But I know, guys don’t ever get it. My dad went “Your fingers looked like they got poisoned” during lunch today. 0_O

China Glaze Anchors Away Collection Swatches

I picked up only 3 from the collection initially including Sea Spray, Pelican Grey and White Cap. I had since went on to order Ahoy after trying them out because I love the formulations in this collection! All swatches are 2 coats each with base coat and top coat.

Pelican Grey (topped with White Cap):

I wore Color Club’s Wild Orchid on my ring finger for comparison and contrast as these are the only greys I have in my collection. Pelican Grey is a very pale blue-toned grey and as you can see in the second swatch, the blue is really quite pronounced in an angle. From the bottle we can see faint micro-shimmer but the shimmers do not show up on the nail which is quite a pity.

Sea Spray:

Sea Spray is a dusty baby blue with very very micro silver sparkles in the bottle but barely noticeable on the nail. It comes off as a creme in my opinion. Also, it appears grey-er against my skin tone so much so that it looks like a blue-tinted grey under artificial lighting. The blue is more obvious in natural light. I am not too sure if this colour suits me as it tends to bring out a lot of red in my skin tone.

White Cap:

My favourite of the lot! This is like the nail polish version of the famous NARS Albatross highlighter. It is filled with gold shimmer in a jelly off-white base.. Just like Albatross. No I am not a fan of NARS Albatross, it doesn’t seem to work on my skin tone because of the gold shimmers, and the same goes for White Cap because the gold flashes are very obvious and too odd against my skin when I wear it alone. It, however, looks amazing and transforms any nail polish when you layer it over them (see above).

So far, I am rather pleased with how all these applied. They are incredibly creamy and smooth very unlike some China Glazes I have which can be rather thick and goopy. Overall a winning collection.

China Glaze Holo – 2NITE

I have this nail polish in my possession for quite some time already but I haven’t had the chance to try it out except for a hastily-done swatch on a finger when it first came in a parcel.

I finally decided to try it on my ten fingers yesterday and boy, am I IN LOVE.

It is a periwinkle blue holographic.. And I was sorely disappointed when I first wore it because instead of beautiful holos (that I was expecting), I saw nothing but a flat dull finish.

Let’s look at this in indirect sunlight:

With flash:

When the polish catches beams of the sunlight:

Such a beauty indeed.

Look at the flashes of glittery bits in this polish:

The application for this nail polish is really smooth and not goopy at all, unlike some of other China Glazes. This polish really surprised me because it looks rather dull in the bottle. I used 2 coats for total opacity which wasn’t hard to achieve as this is really pigmented.

Seriously. What’s not to love??