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Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush – 21 Peach Nuance

After endlessly trying out some of Estee Lauder’s blushers, I finally decided to pick up my absolute favourite – the 21 Peach Nuance which reminds me a lot of MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre which was limited edition. For those who are still in search of MAC Ripe Peach, you can consider the Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in 21 Peach Nuance because of their similarity.  In fact, they are said to be close dupes of each other.

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush – 21 Peach Nuance

This is a gradient blush that consists of a warm yellow that gradually fades into a bright pinky-coral. Even though this looks matte under regular lights, it actually contains very fine shimmers that does not translate well onto the skin.  A tiny cheek brush is also included in the compact which makes it very convenient for touchups on the go. However, care has to be taken when applying this blush because it is quite pigmented.


The swatch on the far right is with all colours blended together. I really like how it looks on the cheeks giving a very beautiful sunkissed peachy look. This colour is also suitable for a lot of skintones. Too much of it however, will make your cheeks look a tad orange though.


It is a little hard to tell the colour from my pictures because the camera is washing everything out but this blusher is intense and really vibrant in real life. I swiped this on with my trusty old Cyber Colors Blush Brush.

Face: Clinique Even Better Makeup #61 Ivory, Clinique Even Better Concealer #Light, Clinique Blended Face Powder #08 Transparency Neutral

Cheeks: Estee Lauder Silky Powder Blush #21 Peach Nuance

Eyes: Kose Visee Eyeshadow Palette N-5, Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes #101 Black Diamond, MM Jewelling Pencil BE208, Clinique Lash Power Extension Visible Mascara


$50 / 7g – Available permanently at all Estee Lauder counters


FOTD: Lunasol Party Coffret 2010

Hi all,
No I’m not dead yet. Been too busy with work recently when I will leave the house early in the morning and come home only after the sun sets. That leaves me with virtually no time to take pictures for my blog.. And what’s blogging without a good set of pictures? 😉

Just a quick FOTD for today featuring Lunasol Xmas Coffret 2010 palette (Sheer Gold Beige Brown) and my newest conquest… The NARS Orgasm Powder Blush.

This is such a beautiful quint. The finish of these shadows are amazing.

Natural Light

Direct Sunlight

The colours look repetitive and blah, but the beautiful metallic finish and clean translucency of these shadows are to die for.

I completed my eye makeup with a MAC Pearlglide liner in Black Line which is blackened green with gold/coppery flecks. Super pretty!

with flash

My sister went to HK recently and I got her to pick up NARS Deep Throat for me and she ended up getting both NARS Orgasm and Deep Throat! I remember buying Orgasm a few years back when it was all hyped up on Youtube/beauty blogs/forums etc but I recall it was a total major fail for me. Ended up swapping it away for something else… And now it’s a good SIX years already.

Sigh. I ended up loving this blush to death and have been wearing it on my cheeks for consecutively SEVEN DAYS.

NARS Orgasm:

NARS Orgasm is a peachy pink blush, really more pink than peach with glorious golden flecks in it. People who hate shimmer will hate this because the shimmer bits are quiteeee chunky. Unlike other NARS blush, Orgasm can be a little sheer. This is perfect for me because I’m not the type of person who spends 15 minutes each day buffing out and blending harsh blush lines. In fact, the sheerer the better, at least I know I can build up the opacity with more layers.

Despite the sheerness, it lasts forever on me. The record was 12 hours without touch ups and at the end of the day the blush was still visible (faint but visible) on my cheeks, complete with the gold sheen and dewy glow.

I never thought I’d say this.. But I’m totally. In. LOVE. Now I know why it is so hyped up in the beauty world. Seriously, give your “regrets” another chance. You’d never know when you’ll end up loving it like never before.

Last face picture. I’m sorry the colour seemed a little washed out in the pictures 😦

Now, there is a reason why it’s called Orgasm.

UD Alice in Wonderland Neutral Look

Wore this for my last paper yesterday before heading out for movie + dinner date 🙂 I used UD Alice in Wonderland palette, colours used are a mix of Mushroom & Vorpal and a tiny bit of Jabberwocky in the crease. To reduce the sheen and glitter, I used MAC Shroom eyeshadow as a base and highlight instead of White Rabbit from the palette.

L-R: MAC Shroom, Mushroom, Vorpal, Jabberwocky


I look super pink, it must be the sun and heat 😦

As for blush I used a Nature Republic Blossom Cheeks in #01

It is a very nice peachy flush of colour without over-doing the look I was going for. It’s not so good going to school with heavy eye makeup PLUS heavily flushed cheeks hahaha.

Oh I just have to rant about the weather lately, it’s MADNESSSSSS. Im literally hiding in air-conditioned room everyday and I’m one who is super scared of the cold. Imagine setting my room temperature at 21deg everynight and I still wake up perspiring. I’m pretty glad it just rained today though as it makes the morning cool and comfortable. But pleaseeee make the heatwave go away!!

Kanebo Lunasol Geminate Eyes #02 AR

The immense heat is killing all my brain cells. I did this makeup look for the fun of it and to get rid of exam stress. Sigh last paper already and I cant even concentrate on it.

Did an FOTD using Lunasol Geminate Eyes in #02 AR (2007秋冬光燦寶石眼盒 02 AR  金绿石) This is not an easy palette to wear as it has a tendency to make your eyes look extremely puffy with the bronze and peach tones. However I find that this palette goes well with my new FreshKon Misty Grey lenses 😉

Showing off my new Freshkon Color Lenses in Misty Grey

Swatches:It consists of a frosty yellow highlight (one of my favourites!), a peachy shimmery colour, a bronze/copper brown, a green with heavy yellow undertones and lastly a pat-over glittery peachy-copper.

For blush I used the Sana Excel Gradation Cheek Color in G-5 Apricot Peach. I love this blush ever since I got it but it’s extremely hard to find. It’s been several years and the colour is still as beautiful as always 🙂

The last swatch on the arm is a mix of all colours. I love this cheek palette because it’s so versatile! It consists of 2 highlighting shades (one whitish-pink and the other peachy) and the other two dark ones are cheek colours. I usually mix them up and apply them together for a healthy glow.

p.s I apologise for the huge-ass zit I have on my forehead. It’s been annoying the hell out of me and I did not use any concealer because I didn’t expect it to show up so obviously. Apparently I was wrong :/

FOTD: Christian Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow #169 Purple Crystal

I picked this palette up at the last Dior sale with the help of HS and Im so glad I got it! Have worn the palette several times and I really liked it 😀


I apologize for the bad quality and washed-out picture 😦 Natural lighting was a bitch at 5pm in the evening.

Products Used:

Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Iridescent Palette 169 Purple Crystal

It is simply too beautiful to resist!

The colours are pearlescent and gives off a subtle sheen on the eye that is only detectable up close. From far, the shimmer is very soft.

The swatches were quite heavy because even though the colours are super smooth and buttery, they tend to be quite sheer on first swipe so a good base is definitely required.

For blush I used the ELF Studio Line Blusher in Peachy Keen:

This is a nice natural blush suitable for day time or with heavy eye looks. It is very chalky, powdery and sheer though but I can’t complain because of the price point. The packaging looks awfully similar to NARS but the texture and product leaves much to be desired.

I don’t regret getting this but the more I use the more I find that it’s not even worth the USD3 I paid for this.

This was a heavy swatch and you can tell that it doesn’t even show up much on my skin. It’s a lovely peachy colour with golden shimmers in it. I don’t recommend piling this on because the gold shimmer shows up way too obviously and it looks like crap against my already-yellow skin.

It reminds me of the gold shimmer in NARS Albatross (which I bought and regretted terribly).

Kate Dual Carat Eyes + Shu Uemura Blush M Pink 33C

Haven’t been posting any FOTDs recently because I’ve been so damn busy preparing for my exams and hardly went out 😦

I might have to wean off blogging for a while because of 2 other papers coming up till mid-May.

We’ll see how it goes!


I have been wearing the same old pair of falsies so pardon me if they look worn out and old at the band. It’s tough to clean those areas 😛

Products Used:

The Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation is an “old flame”. I had left it at SO’s house and JUST recently got it back because it was seriously under-used. It’s good for oily skins I suppose because I find it slightly too mattifying for me.

Kanebo Kate Dual Carat Eyes BR-3:

The Dual Carat Eyes are from Kate and they have since been discontinued. I think it’s a real pity because these are superduper shimmery and pigmented. It isn’t as fine as other high-end Japanese eyeshadows but still, it’s good value for the money paid.

See how sparkly it is? The brown shade has colorful glitter flakes in it and the highlighting creamy-white shade is nice and frosty.  Just the way I like my highlighters to be 😛

On my cheeks, I used the Shu Uemura Powder Blush in M Pink 33C. It’s super old. One of my first blushers I think.

It’s a pale pink with a hint of mauvish undertones to it.

See how it just shows up as pink on my cheeks? It’s hard to overdo this blush, I had to swipe a gazillion times for it to show up in the camera because it is SO SHEER.  It’s pretty though, very natural for daily looks and whatnots.

This could be my last FOTD for a long time, till then!

I Dream of St Thomas

I am not a hard-core NYX fan. When NYX first started getting popular on MUA and Specktra, I was the first to run out and make orders for their round lipsticks, loose pigments and eyeshadow singles which were said to be dupes for many of MAC eyeshadow singles.

However over time I grew to dislike them (for some forgotten reason), and I gave them all away… Until recently I’m back to trying out NYX since  their quality seems to be getting better.

I picked out the NYX I Dream of St Thomas palette at Smoochiezz because it looks like nothing I’ve owned.

The pigmentation is amazing and the powder is smooth beyond words. These are swatched heavily without a base.

Did an extremely quick look using the charcoal grey, the ecru shade and the minty green.

I wish I had skipped the charcoal grey shade altogether because I think the green would have looked so much better on its own 🙂

I used Bobbi Brown’s Rose Shimmerbrick for this look:

I’ve had mine for years and it’s still as pretty and pigmented as ever.

I love the sheen it gives! However, it has a tendency to emphasise pores so people with oily skin should be careful with this. Otherwise, this makes the perfect rose-pink blush 🙂

Another purple look!

I did another purple look yesterday using  Kanebo Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in VI708. It’s a very lovely palette but it lacks the shimmer that Lunasol/Jill Stuart palettes have. Instead, it has a very subtle sheen that borders almost on being matte but not quite.


Quite a subtle look if you ask me, but I did pack on the darker purple for it to show up better on camera.

Products Used:

The lid of my eyeshadow palette came off because I accidentally dropped the palette so time ago 😦 Fragile packaging, but luckily my eyeshadows were not shattered.

Kanebo Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in VI708:

I did not use the glitter shade as I felt it was too over the top for day but it is meant to be patted over the centre of your eyelid (right on top of your eyeball) for extra shine and definition. These shadows are of good quality and pigmentation for the price, a worthwhile purchase indeed. The darkest colour is a tad chalky and has some fall outs but it’s not a major concern.

I also used Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Blush in Quickie:

In pan, this is a bright cool-toned pink with slight shimmers in it. However it looks peachy on me. Unfortunate:(

FOTD: Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Palette GY-1 ft. Muji Swirl Blush

This was what I wore for clubbing over the weekends, it’s a neutral smoky eye with light peachy cheeks and subtle lips as the focus was meant to be on the eyes.

I had also worn 2 pairs of fake lashes (one on top of the other) to achieve that voluminous intense look. The lashes also show up better in photos under dim lighting 😛


I only used one eyeshadow palette and in this case it was the Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Palette in GY-1.

Products Used:

The colours are slightly on the sheerer side and they tend to be rather powdery so it is advised to pat them on rather than swiping. I used this palette with the sponge applicators they came with as that helped with the pigmentation.

As for blush, I used a Muji swirly blush that I picked up 2-3months ago for less than $20 if I recall correctly. There are two colours available – pink and peach. I used the peach one.

It is a true peach when swatched and is not overly glittery. The micro-sparkles in the blush lend a very nice glow to the entire look without being over the top and without a need for a separate highlighter. It’s one of my favourite go-to blush as it applies sheer and is highly buildable for more intensity.

Ok, just wanna rant! I lost my trusty (almost new, ok maybe 1/4 used) UD 24/7 Black Liner. IN my house. Luckily I have Milani Liquif’eye to fall back on, it is quite a dupe (if not better) than UD in my opinion. I will do a full review on this new find soon 😀

FOTD: Lunasol Star Shower Eyes #01 + Milani Luminous Blush

It is super hot and humid today but it gives great sunlight for lots of photo taking 😛

The Lunasol Start of Night #01 palette was released as part of Star Shower Eyes series in Fall 2009 and features two shades of contrasting shadows, one shimmery highlight and a powdered liner shade. #01 was the only one that appealed to me as I was heavily obsessed with purples/neutrals then. Now I regretted not picking up Star River as well 😦

I have barely used this palette ever since I got it, I might have used it for like… 4 times AT THE MOST. *guilty*


Products Used:

Close Up:

The shadows have a subtle pearlescent sheen to them, very typical of Lunasol palettes. These are super fine, they come off as creamy to the touch but they are actually powder shadows.

This palette however, tends to leave one looking a little bruised if you aren’t careful. Perhaps that is the reason why I am unwilling to use this. This also reminds me of the JS Illuminance Eyes in Layered Gem some entries earlier. Both feature similar shades just that JS is a notch darker and more glittery.

As for blush, I was wearing Milani Smooth Finish Blush in Luminous.

This is touted to be the dupe for NARS Orgasm, but I wouldn’t say it is an EXACT dupe. I used to own NARS Orgasm but it was WAY too glittery and orangey for my skin and I remember I hated it. I have no idea why it was so highly raved on MUA and Specktra when it was such a mess on my cheeks. Therefore, I happened to chance upon Milani Luminous and I was sold because it was NOTHING like what Orgasm was on me.

This blush is super pigmented so a little goes a long way. I had applied it vigorously for it to show up on my camera but I think I had overdone it because it looks damn pink on my cheeks 😛