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NOTD: Zoya Gigi

with flash

Am feeling neutral… This is a pale sheer pink with microsparkles in it. Decided to top up with Color Club Starry Temptress Top Coat to give it extra sparkle.


Color Club Fashion Addict

A lilac holo for National Day 2 days ago! ❤


under direct sun

with flash

2 coats, awesome formula as usual with Color Clubs. I’ve never had any bad experiences with Color Club polishes and this does not disappoint. Love it!

Color Club: Starry Temptress Collection

Received some Color Club polishes from a recent order from their Starry Temptress Collection;)What to do, I was going through a neon phase.

You Got Soul Ar (2 coats):

It is so  bright and neon-ish, perfect for the recent hot days. The formula is excellent on this one and is fairly opaque in just one coat which is amazing. Color Clubs are honestly way too underrated. The formula is just as good as other polish giants like OPI and Orly but they don’t seem to get much recognition 😛

This picture shows how “neon-ish” it looks especially under the shade:

Wearing ChG Pool Party on toes!

Color Club: High Society

I know I have done an entry on several Color Club polishes some time ago and that included High Society. But today I decided to wear High Society again and since the sunlight is fab, it’s a good time to take more pictures in natural daylight 😉

High Society (2 Coats):

This one shows the true colour best

This has alot of lilac undertones for me and it’s one of those highly raved purple-grey colours (aka greige). Formula is great and applies well, it took me about ten minutes to do all 10 fingers including base and top coat. It’s now been 45 mins and my nails are all fully dried and operational 😛

Unexpected find: Color Club Eye Popping Pink

I did not order this; I had ordered Factory Girl (a bright pastel blue) but Eye Popping Pink came instead.

I hardly use pinks not because I hate them, but I think they are too “girly” whereas I prefer classic shades like reds or browns O.O

Imagine my surprise when I wore this!… Because I really quite liked it.

Color Club Eye Popping Pink (2 Coats):

This is a bright hot pink with a subtle golden shine that’s only discernible in sunlight.

The application and formula was awesome and I was rather (pleasantly) surprised because it did look like it’d be goopy and thick. 2 coats were sufficient for total opacity. Drying time was fast, I put this on and applied Poshe top coat immediately and right after 5minutes I was able to leave the house and rummage through my bags without nicks or chips.

It still does look a little too “girlish” for my taste though but I will wear this quite a lot because of the fantastic formula.

Transdesign: Color Club

I received a package from a Transdesign spree recently and made my first Color Club nail polishes purchase. I had only bought 3 colours to try out since this is my first time using Color Club and I had to “test” the waters.

The three that I got included: (L-R) High Society, Positively Posh, Wild Orchid

High Society:

This is a very creamy mushroom color with dominant lilac undertones against my skin.

High Society is released as part of the Color Club Rebel Debutante collection in Spring 2010. In terms of application, this is the best out of the three and is my favourite neutral nail polish up till date.The first coat went on runny but pigmented and the second coat perfected the manicure. Application was even, smooth and there were no pooling or streaking whatsoever which was so common with cremes. This colour is indeed unique yet understated.

Wild Orchid:

Wild Orchid is a blue-toned gray with very fine shimmer that is too subtle to be noticed on the nails unless in direct sunlight. The shimmers add an interesting dimension to the nail polish without being too in-your-face.

I love it so much I wore it on both my tips and nails on that very day.

Wild Orchid was released in Fall 2010 in the Color Club Untamed Luxury collection. The colour appears like a darker grey indoors without that bluish undertone. It actually matched my grey denims perfectly 😉

Application-wise, the formula was great. This went on smooth but (very) slightly streaky on first coat. 2 coats was sufficient to achieve total opacity like High Society but this has a tendency to pool if you are not careful.  Another winner from Color Club!

Positively Posh:

This is a dark mushroom taupe creme that reminds me of delicious milk chocolate. No shimmers but beautiful nonetheless.

Positively Posh was also released in Fall 2010 in the Color Club Untamed Luxury collection. This color looks very close to a milk chocolate block in real life.

This has the runniest formula out of all three and was very sheer even on second coat. You can tell from the swatches that I had some problems with the application for this one as I had to use 2 thin coats and one thick coat to achieve full opacity. This also has a tendency to streak and pool so it is important to apply each coat after the previous one had dried to the touch so as not to cause dragging. Nonetheless, the formula is not that hard to work with at all.

I love all these 3 polishes equally and I am definitely impressed with the formula and consistency of Color Club polishes. I remember reading somewhere that Color Club brushes are hard to work with but I think they are perfect. OPI’s Pro-Wide brush is my favourite but more often than not, they are too wide for my nail beds. Color Club brushes are slightly slimmer yet not uncomfortable to use.

This is a worthwhile purchase indeed, I’m definitely looking forward to ordering more Color Club polishes!