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Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush – 21 Peach Nuance

After endlessly trying out some of Estee Lauder’s blushers, I finally decided to pick up my absolute favourite – the 21 Peach Nuance which reminds me a lot of MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre which was limited edition. For those who are still in search of MAC Ripe Peach, you can consider the Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in 21 Peach Nuance because of their similarity.  In fact, they are said to be close dupes of each other.

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush – 21 Peach Nuance

This is a gradient blush that consists of a warm yellow that gradually fades into a bright pinky-coral. Even though this looks matte under regular lights, it actually contains very fine shimmers that does not translate well onto the skin.  A tiny cheek brush is also included in the compact which makes it very convenient for touchups on the go. However, care has to be taken when applying this blush because it is quite pigmented.


The swatch on the far right is with all colours blended together. I really like how it looks on the cheeks giving a very beautiful sunkissed peachy look. This colour is also suitable for a lot of skintones. Too much of it however, will make your cheeks look a tad orange though.


It is a little hard to tell the colour from my pictures because the camera is washing everything out but this blusher is intense and really vibrant in real life. I swiped this on with my trusty old Cyber Colors Blush Brush.

Face: Clinique Even Better Makeup #61 Ivory, Clinique Even Better Concealer #Light, Clinique Blended Face Powder #08 Transparency Neutral

Cheeks: Estee Lauder Silky Powder Blush #21 Peach Nuance

Eyes: Kose Visee Eyeshadow Palette N-5, Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes #101 Black Diamond, MM Jewelling Pencil BE208, Clinique Lash Power Extension Visible Mascara


$50 / 7g – Available permanently at all Estee Lauder counters


FOTD: Dior Spring 2012 – Garden Roses

This FOTD is specially done for HS as she had requested for it when I posted the comparison for Dior Garden Roses vs. Purple Crystal.

Face: Diorskin Radiant Base 001, Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream #01 Fresh, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer – Light Golden, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder 01, Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Météorites Pressed Powder on nose bridge and cheekbones

Eyes: Dior 5-Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – Garden Roses, Bébé Poshé Dazzling Eye Pencil 01 Black Diamond, Milani Liquif’eye Eye Pencil in Brown, Maybelline Volum’ Express mascara on lower lashes

Cheeks: Shu Uemura Glow On M Pink 33E

This look is easily achieved just using fingers because the shades are so soft and blendable. I did not use any brushes at all for this look to keep things quick and simple. These colours are very pretty with just the right amount of shimmers and translucency and hence do not look OTT for daytime. In fact, the shimmers are rather subtle on the eyelids.

I hope you enjoy this look, and thank you for reading!

FOTD: Coffret D’Or Jewelcious Eyes 02 Pink Topaz

Another recent EOTD using the Coffret D’Or Jewelcious Eyes in 02 Pink Topaz that I picked up during the last Kanebo sales!

This is the loveliest palette out of the others, and I especially like the combination of white, light pink, pale rose-gold and medium gray. The light pink in the centre of the quad is meant to be an accent shade that is meant to be patted on the centre of the lids. It is also the most glittery of all and feels slightly gritty to the touch. However, all these shades apply softly and smoothly without any fallouts.

I absolutely love how the light pink glitter shade adds dimension to the eyes without being OTT which makes it perfect even for conservative work environments. Unlike how some Japanese shadows add too much glitter to the eyes, these Jewelcious shadows add just a subtle-enough shine.

Face: Coffret D’Or Beauty Lasting Liquid UV Foundation #BE-B, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer – Light Golden, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder, Guerlain Meteorites – 01 Mythic

Eyes: Coffret D’Or Jewelcious Eyes – 02 Pink Topaz,  Bébé Poshé Dazzling Eye Pencil –  01 Black Diamond, Milani Liquif’eye Eye Pencil in Brown on lower lashlines, Kiss Lashes in Juicy Volume 02, Heroine Kiss Me Volume&Curl Mascara on lower lashes.

Cheeks: Benefit Sugarbomb, NARS Laguna Bronzer (cheek contour)

Lips: Benefit Benetint Lip Balm SPF15

FOTD: Lunasol Aurorized Eyes – 02 Light Variation

It is finally my off day today and I decided to wear Lunasol Aurorized Eyes in Light Variation that I picked up during the last Kanebo Sales.  On my days off, I like to wear minimal eye and face makeup unless there it is a special occasion or outing so as to give my skin some time off too.

Lunasol Aurorized Eyes – 02 Light Variation

It consists of a flesh-toned beige, a pale pink, medium warm-toned brown, a butter yellow and the palest lilac. Most of these shades are shimmery and apply with a high shine, almost glossy finish and are so finely-milled that they feel like butter under the warmth of my fingers. The exceptions though, are the brown and the lilac. The brown shade feels a little hard to my touch but it was not difficult to pick up the powder whereas the lilac acts as an accent shade that is dabbed onto the centre of the eyelids to draw light and attention. It is very glittery and sparkly with minimal color payoff.

The last picture shows off the high-shine finish best of all. For this look, I merely used 3 colours: the butter yellow, the pale pink and the brown as a powder liner. I love how this combination turns out despite the subtlety of the colours.

Since I received a Benefit package today, I decided to finish off my cheeks and lips with some Sugarbomb blush powder and Benetint Lip Balm.

Face: Feverlet BB Cream, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer in Light Golden, Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder on undereyes, Lavshuca Loose Powder on rest of face.

Eyes: Lunasol Aurorized Eyes 02 Light Variation, Milani Liquif’eye Pencil Liner in Brown on waterlines, Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx

Cheeks: Benefit Sugarbomb

Lips: Benefit Benetint Lip Balm

I was drawn to this palette like moths to light and I do not regret my purchase at all. As with all other Lunasol palettes, this was well-made and of high quality.  My only gripe is that some of the colors may look similar on the eyes unless care is taken to pack them on. Nonetheless, this palette  is extremely versatile and a worthwhile addition to every makeup stash 😀

Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – 05 Les Gris

A semi-smokey holiday look that I did with a grey-toned palette from Guerlain:

05 Les Gris


This is a beautiful palette for dramatic smokey looks because of the mixtures of deep teals, smokes and greys. The shimmers are spectacular especially under low lights which make your eyelids look like they were drenched in liquid diamonds.

Face: Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF15 – 01 Warm Ivory, MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural – Light Medium, Amazing Cosmetics concealer – Light Golden

Eyes: Guerlain Écrin 4 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – 05 Les Gris, Bébé Poshé Dazzling Eye Pencil –  03 Midnight Blue, Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara

Cheeks: Jill Stuart Mix Compact Blush – 09 Little Bouquet

Lips: Lavshuca Moist Melting Rouge – PK5

FOTD: Lunasol Xmas Collection 2010

I know Lunasol recently released a new Xmas collection for 2011 which I am not planning to get because I have too many neutrals in my stash (as can be seen in previous posts), and the latest Lunasol release actually kind of reminds me of the past year’s (2010). Lunasol’s Xmas collections are always produced to satisfy generic mass demand so I am not surprised that it is a neutral palette as well. Anyway, this prompted me to retrieve my 2010 Xmas palette to use because honestly, I’ve only used it less than 10x or so during the past year ever since I bought it and very much lesser for the blush and lip gloss *ashamed*

I have also reviewed it here before.

Lunasol Xmas 2010

Face: Kanebo Lunasol Modelling Water Liquid Foundation YO-02, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer – Light Golden, Guerlain Météorites Perles – 01 Mythic

Eyes: Lunasol Xmas 2010 EX01 Sheer Gold Beige Brown palette, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner – Caviar Ink, Clinique Lash Power Mascara – Black Onyx on lower lashes, Bébé Poshé Dazzling Eye Liner – Metallic Copper on lower waterline

Cheeks: Lunasol Xmas 2010 Coloring Cheeks – Sheer Gold Beige Pink

Lips: Lunasol Xmas 2010 Full Glamour Lips Gloss –  EX18 Sheer Gold Beige Pink

If you are keen on the new Lunasol Xmas 2011 Party Coffret, you may want to check out BirkinBagBeauty.

Thanks for reading!

FOTD: Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – 10 Rue Des Frances-Bourgeois

Had time to play with the goodies from the last Luxasia sale from 3 days ago!

10 Rue Des Frances-Bourgeois


This is a very warm neutral palette consisting of a mixture of matte, pearlescent and shimmer shades. The colours in this palette reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Naked Palette but there weren’t any absolute dupes. The matte highlighting shade in the top left corner matches my NC20 skin perfectly and makes a great powder base. These shadows don’t swatch well at all and appeared rather chalky but the colours translated perfectly onto the eyes. The soft texture also makes blending a breeze and as such, I was able to use all 6 shades at one time using only one shadow brush and one blending brush.

I also used the Guerlain Parure Aqua Radiant Feel-Good foundation today along with this look.

Eyes: Guerlain Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – 10 Rue Des Frances-Bourgeois, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner – Black/Brown, Maybelline Volum’ Express Mascara, ZA Impact Lash Volume Mascara (lower lashes)

Face: Guerlain Parure Aqua Radiant Feel-Good Foundation, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer – Light Golden on undereyes, Guerlain Meteorites Perles – 01 Mythic as setting powder

Cheeks: MAC Well-Dressed, Terra del Sol #7 as highlighter

Lips: Chanel Rouge Coco Shine – 57 Adventure

This is a lovely palette to own because it is simply so easy to whip up a neutral yet sophisticated eyeshadow look with this. The shadows feel smooth to the touch but are rather powdery. However I experienced zero fall outs with these and that was a pleasant surprise. They also blend extremely well using a regular fluffy blending brush. Pigmentation was not the best (with the exception of the gold centre shade) and you might have to go re-dip your brush in the shadows for more but I find this is what is so beautiful about these palettes. I am not a fan of very pigmented shadows as they take a little more effort to blend (think Urban Decay) so if you are in a rush for time, Guerlain is a great option because of how easily they blend without much work.


I must have been watching too much NRWZD to be inspired to do  a “cute” and “innocent” look complete with cutesy poses. >.<

I’m a fan of pink eyeshadows because they do add a touch of youthfulness and purity to the eyes but done wrongly and it’d look like you are having an allergy. The choice of pink is also critical (wow, now I’m sounding analytical), and the best type of pink that I like to work with has to be slightly sheer and translucent.

When it comes to translucent and shimmery, no one does it better than Lunasol. And since I only have one pink-themed quad from them, I used the Lunasol Summer Pink Gradation palette that was previously used for a look here.

trying for the innocent, save-the-damsel-in-distress look

Well honestly.. I quite liked how it turned out because SO mentioned I looked “different” and “younger” (only with a lot of prompting from me).

What I used:

Base: Revlon Photoready, Amazing Cosmetics Concealer, MAC MSF Natural – Light Medium

Cheeks: Muji Swirly Blush (no shade name but this is the peach one)

Eyes: Lunasol Summer Gradation Pink Palette (all shades), Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner – Black/Brown, Maybelline Turbo Boost Volum’ Express Mascara in Black

Lips: YSL Rouge Pur #142

I think the key to doing this look well is to go easy on the eyeliner and make sure that it is elongated in a “downward” direction (instead of my usual winged liner). Apparently this gives a “puppy-eyed” look that seems to be very appealing. I also dusted some glittery shadow (top right hand corner of Lunasol palette) on the lower lash line just under my pupil and nowhere else. According to Kevin 老师, that is supposed to give a more wide-eyed look and makes your eyes more 水嫩, whatever that is supposed to mean. All in all, this is a very simple look and I really enjoyed doing it. I am not a “cutesy” person by nature but this is a look that I’d wear a lot in the future.

On a sidenote, I’m very impressed with the Revlon Photoready Liquid Foundation. I will be doing a separate review (hopefully when time is on my side) to share my thoughts with all of you.

EOTD: NARS Nouveau Monde Eyeshadow Duo

The NARS Nouveau Monde Eyeshadow Duo was released as part of NARS’ Spring 2011 collection. It consists of a pale shimmery lavender and a darkened olive, both of which go on pigmented without any fall outs despite the shimmers.

I love the packaging of NARS products – very sleek and weighty. However the rubbery packaging tends to attract a lot of dust particles.

These shadows are 2g each which is quite a generous amount in my opinion (since MAC singles are 1.5g each).


I have been wearing this duo regularly and I love how easily they blend and how these colours complement one another.

I used Clinique Quickliner for Eyes in Dark Chocolate to give my lashline a subtle definition without being to OTT for daytime.

EOTD: Lunasol Nature Color Eyes 02 Nature Green

Have been trying and playing around with my newly-acquired Lunasol palettes recently and this is a look I did with the green palette (02 Nature Green) in the series 🙂

This is a very pretty green/earth-themed palette that consists on a pale champagne highlight, a leafy green, golden taupe as well as a red-toned brown with golden shimmery bits. All shades contain shimmers and are rather sheer.

There are some fall outs but that’s to be expected due to the nature of the eye shadows. I actually applied this look using my fingers because I find that really minimizes the fall out. Another trick is to pat the shadows on then blend using a blending brush.

I do not own any green eyeliners that are suitable for this look so I layered the green shade (from the palette) over an existing eye liner (used the Lunasol Gel Liner as reviewed here) and this combination is quite interesting! Then I put on the tiniest bit of black liner on the upper lashline just in between my lashes. Love the results 😉