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Review: Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 + Clinique Even Better Concealer

I had the opportunity to try out new products from Clinique which includes the Clinique Even Better Makeup and Even Better Concealer so this is a very quick review on these products after trying them out for a month or so.

The Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15 claims to improve skin clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots after just 4-6 weeks and is suitable for dry combination and combination oily skins. The Even Better Concealer is a creamy concealer paste with Vitamin C that helps cover dark spots and discolourations. Only 10 shades are available for the liquid foundation and 4 shades for the concealer here in Singapore versus 20 shades for the liquid foundation and 12 shades for the concealer in the USA. The numbering and shade names differ greatly too.

Even Better Concealer – Light

Initial application – Foundation over sunscreen without loose powder

After setting with loose powder

Consistency: Feels like an emulsion when applied, dries down easily so fast blending is a must.

Coverage: Sheer to moderate. Claims to give moderate coverage but I find that I need at least 2 layers to be satisfied with the finish.

Finish: Semi-matte, leaves a slight dewy glow.

Wearability: Moderate. Holds up well in humidity, does not transfer initially when I perspire

After4 hours of wear

 I like its dewy, glowy finish but the longevity of the foundation is questionable. It did not quite last 8 to 10 hours for me and mileage varies according to where I am and my surroundings. In air-conditioned environment, this seemed to dry out my skin and somehow throughout the day, the foundation would slip away into nothingness. I had worn this a few times in regular temperature (outdoors) and am quite impressed by how long it held up. Therefore, it is very hard to decide if I like this foundation or not but since I work in an air-conditioned environment, I am less inclined to wear this foundation frequently. It also seems to work better on girls with oily skins than their drier counterparts even though the foundation is suitable for almost all types of skins.

The concealer on the other hand, works well for me despite the thick pasty texture. A little goes a long way and I’d used this on several parts of my face including the undereyes. This can be a little dry for the undereye areas so I had mixed it into my eye cream before application. It also creases slightly but it is nothing alarming because I am very prone to creasing under my eyes.

To end it all,  those who are keen on this foundation, definitely ask for a sample before you commit. This is the type of foundation that you either like it or you don’t.