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Watsons Sightings: March 2012

It’s been so long since I dropped by my neighbourhood Watsons! Spotted some new skincare and makeup products which I find really intriguing:

Dolly Wink display stand

Dolly Wink has some of the most interesting false lashes ever and there are more designs to choose from now. Also included are brow powders, brow pencils and the likes.

Majolica Majorca Lash King is currently going for 15% off, great time to try out their newest products! This is MM’s latest mascara offering which boasts of 5mm super long fibres for well-defined long and volumised lashes.

Garnier Aqua Defense Sensitive

I haven’t been using Garnier ever since my secondary school days (I was hooked on the whitening line) and I’m definitely attracted to the sweet floral pink packaging of their Aqua Defense Sensitive line! The original Aqua Defense line (mint green packaging)  was very popular and I’m sure the Sensitive range will receive warm response too. I love the texture of the Aqua Defense Sensitive Essence (RP: $19.90) – very lightweight and easily absorbed. Certainly gonna give this a go right after I finish my current moisturizers 😉

Gonna end this post with a new polish from OPI Holland Collection that I’ve been wearing all week:

OPI Pedal Faster Suzi!


NOTD: OPI Rally Pretty Pink + OPI Red Shatter

Wore the OPI Rally Pretty Pink alone for a day before I layered Red Shatter (that comes with the Serena Glam Slam set) over it just to see how it performs:

with flash

Wow. I am not a fan of shatters, in fact I probably wouldn’t get this if not for the fact that it comes together with Rally Pretty Pink. It goes on rich and smooth and crackles easily. By the time I was done with all ten fingers, the shatter polish had dried and I was able to apply a top coat.

This makes an interesting effect but I’d have preferred that the shatter polish crackles in chunky bits rather than in vertical stripes 😦 But perhaps it’s just my technique (or lack of it)! Love how the gold shimmers peek out underneath the shatter but honestly…. I preferred wearing Rally Pretty Pink alone.

NOTD: OPI Rally Pretty Pink

I got the OPI Serena Glam Slam Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter set from smoochiezz at only $20. Quite a deal in my opinion as it’s usually going for $25 or so on other nail supplies blogshops. Anyway. I decided to try out the raved Rally Pretty Pink on its own today:)

natural light

close ups

direct sunlight

with flash

They really look more or less the same even under different lights where the gold bronzy shimmers are very prominent against the sheer mauve base. It’s a very classy colour where you look subtly polished (pun unintended!) without looking like you are trying too hard. This is mentioned to be a dupe of Zoya Faye, and I’d say they look very identical on the swatch pictures that I had seen online. It veers towards the sheer side though, and it took me about 3 coats to build up the opacity but I think two would have sufficed (the shimmers made it hard to guage). Formula for this polish is awesome as usual and did not give me any troubles. Drying time was good too and paired extremely well with my trusty ol’ Poshe Top Coat.

OPI Extra-va-vaganza

Super sparkly and blinged up nails using OPI Extra-Va-Vaganza (3 coats) from the OPI Burlesque Collection 2010! I got this alongside with Bring On the Bling which I totally love.

Extra-va-vaganza is like the colour of rose-gold. It looks like melted rose-gold on my finger tips. I love looking at this under store lighting ie. at jewellery stores with their powerful spotlights. It made the polish SO SPARKLY I couldn’t stop staring.

The formula was typical for all glitters, what I like about the Burlesque glitters are that they are not thick nor goopy making it a breeze to apply. It took me 3 coats to achieve opacity but as with all glitters, it took me some effort to remove them. But trust me, the effort is worth it 😉

Color Club: High Society

I know I have done an entry on several Color Club polishes some time ago and that included High Society. But today I decided to wear High Society again and since the sunlight is fab, it’s a good time to take more pictures in natural daylight 😉

High Society (2 Coats):

This one shows the true colour best

This has alot of lilac undertones for me and it’s one of those highly raved purple-grey colours (aka greige). Formula is great and applies well, it took me about ten minutes to do all 10 fingers including base and top coat. It’s now been 45 mins and my nails are all fully dried and operational 😛

ZOYA Edyta

Color Family: Greens

Finish: Cream

Intensity: 5 (1=sheer, 5=opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Wicked

You can see the flashes of green and gold here:

Zoya Edyta (3 coats):

As always, images are clickable to see these polishes in their full glory! I had gotten this from Caryn when I saw her sales post on LJ. Very fast and fuss-free transaction, highly recommended!

I had actually thought this was charcoal or grey but it turned out looking more green. In real life it’s really a dark blackened green with a lot of gold shimmers in it. It also gives a slight foil-ish finish and that’s perhaps why it’s so easy to apply and the formula is awesome. It’s an interesting color, you see some flashes of black when you tilt your fingers in some angles.

Nonetheless, I really like this one because of the fantastic formula. I had applied 3 coats for TOTAL opacity and this time “total opacity” means you can’t even see your nail tips/whites when you put a backlight behind your fingers. 2 coats should suffice but I used 3 just for sure.

I have an issue combining ZOYA polishes with Sally Hansen’s Mega Shine top coats since I ran out of Poshe (Poshe is great with Zoya but causes tip wear even on the same day). With Sally Hansen, I get patches on my tips that dries down to a matte finish (like wtf) even if my base colour is dry to the touch. I put on this polish last night and only put on top coat this morning and it’s fine.

I have this problem even with my LA Girl and China Glazes polishes so I don’t know who’s the culprit. My Sally Hansen used to work fine, and it still is very compatible with OPI now.

Zoya Roxy…

.. Is by far my favourite!

Color Family: Purpless

Finish: Metallic

Intensity: 4 (1=sheer, 5=opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Masquerade

Zoya Roxy (3coats):

Direct Sunlight:

I had left the images large so they are clickable to view the polish in its full glory.

This is a sheer polish with bright purple glitters suspended in a magenta jelly base. Kinda reminded me of the purple version of China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps. It dries down to a less shiny finish so a top coat is definitely required for full-on shine. It looks pretty amazing even under artificial lights, totally a winner.

The application was awkward though, I don’t know if I had received a dud bottle or something but this was goopy and uneven when I first swatched it. It was fine after I thinned it out with Orly’s Nail Lacquer Thinner. It was a little hard to spread the glitters evenly on the nail even with 3 coats. Perhaps letting the coats dry completely in between will yield better results but I had no such patience.

Nonetheless, it is not so obvious in real life so Im gonna let it go. The macro function shots are totally unforgiving and I apologise for the uneven application near the cuticles, it’s a little bit hard to get the polish where I want it to. The colour is goooorgeeeeeeous though!

Zoya: Shawn


ZOYA Shawn (2 coats):

Color Family: Greens

Finish: Cream

Intensity: 5 (1=sheer, 5=opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Wonderful

Zoya Shawn is an olive mossy green which almost borders on army green but not quite; it also has no shimmers, metallics or frosts in it. It appears darker in the shade/artificial lights than outdoors but it doesn’t look black in any way which is definitely attractive. I have a love-hate relationship with greens and so far Im loving this. It is shiny even without top coat but I added Poshe Top Coat on just in case.

I have this on for a day already and it’s holding up well so far without shrinkage. Formula and consistency is fabulous, it is nearly opaque in one coat and 2 coats are just perfect for total opacity. It applies well as the formula is smooth with no issues with streaking even though this is a full creme.

BLUE nails using LA Girl Funkadelic

LA Girl Disco Brite in Funkadelic (love the name) is my only current blue nail polish. It is a medium blue with just the slightest hint of green that is not distinguishable unless photographed.

It looks a little more green in the last picture because of the flash. The colour is true to the other 2 pictures.  Formula and consistency is usual that of LA Girl’s. My problem is always with the brush, I hope it could be wider and not so lumpy 😦 I don’t know why but I experienced some bubbling with this polish despite the fact that I did the manicure away from direct sunlight, air vent or fan.

Misa: Sugar Daddy

I collected my Misa nail varnishes from a spree organizer today and the first thing I did was to change my nail colour!

Misa Sugar Daddy

5 coats:

All the sparkly goodness in the bottle:

Images are all clickable to view this awesome polish in its full glory.

This is from the Sugar Sugar collection where every polish is filled with glitters and are almost sheer. Sugar Daddy comes in a milky off-white base with plenty of fine silver shimmers. Application was fantastic, it was smooth and the glitters were even on the first coat, no clumps nor patchiness as with some glitter polishes. The shimmers were super fine. I wanted an opaque finish so I kept on layering until the coverage was perfect.

The brush included is firmer than Color Club’s, slightly wider and is a breeze to use.

This colour is really love at first sight for me. On my nails, it’s a creamy off-white that looks really delicate yet not stark. A lovely polish indeed and everyone should own one of this because it is THAT pretty. I am contemplating getting a back up already because I am so worried that it will be discontinued. This is a colour that takes one from work to play as it is polished enough for work yet fun enough for play.  I LOVELOVELOVE IT. I love colours like this, and usually I’d go for cremes but cremes tend to be streaky and hellish to apply. This is fantastic stuff. I need to buy backups because I can foresee myself wearing this very very often. Ok I know Im rambling so I will stop. Please go and order this if you haven’t. It looks great. Great is an understatement.

Thumbs up for Misa!