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China Glaze Lemon Fizz

Just a quick update on my NOTD, I was wearing China Glaze’s Lemon Fizz on my tips yesterday because it matched the blazing weather 😛 This pastel yellow was released in 2010 in the Up & Away Collection in conjunction with the movie. Which I totally love by the way.

China Glaze Lemon Fizz

3 coats:

It’s such a vibrant and cheery colour even though it tends to bring out a lot of red in my fingers. Yellow is not something I’d opt to wear on my nails because just don’t go with my skintone. However this is a really pretty colour and I love it 🙂 I apologize for the discrepancies in colour, the second picture gives the most accurate swatch of the polish.

Application-wise, this was surprisingly even as pastels/cremes tend to give me a lot of application problems but this was rather smooth. The formula is a little thick and goopy though, I’d have preferred it if it was slightly runnier so I can have more control over the application.



Received some China Glaze nail polishes from NailVibe a few days ago… A result of my obsession with pastel colours 😛 Was in a foul mood earlier on but after swatching these, my mood had turned for the better.

Well, what’s not to love about candy-coloured nail polishes?? 😛

Re-Fresh Mint:

This applies better than expected, like most pastels, it’s slightly streaky but 2 coats are sufficient for opaque coverage. It’s a true minty green in real life but my camera seemed to pull a lot more blue.

Something Sweet:

A baby pink creme. The formula for this is a little problematic, it was not only streaky but thick so it left quite a lot of bald spots upon the first two coats. The third coat managed to even everything out but on larger nails (like thumb nails) I think 4 coats are needed for even coverage.

Lemon Fizz:

Bright lovely yellow! This went on surprisingly well! 2 coats, very even coverage with some streaks but not very noticeable unless you look closely. Quite happy with this yellow, it reminds me of lemonade! And I really think the name of the polish is cute 😛

OPI Rumple’s Wiggin:

OPI has the best application amongst all. It goes on smoothest and has the most even coverage. 2 coats.

The colours look awesome together! 😀 Excuse the bad application skills, I am not usually a fan of pastels and I doubt I’m gonna keep them on my nails for long 😛 I actually really prefer vampy and dark colours or bright reds so… I guess I won’t be purchasing any more in future.

OPI Shrek Collection – Rumple’s Wiggin

Received OPI Rumple’s Wiggin recently from Tammy and I LOVE IT!

3 Coats:

Like all pastels, application can be rather annoying. The formula for this (or at least for mine) is thick and goopy yet goes on super streaky on first coat. It is slightly better during the second coat but needs a third coat to even out. If you look closely you can still see some streaks. Despite the streakiness, this polish is quite opaque on its own and the colour is perfect for asians.

My camera pulled a lot of blue, it actually looks like a true lilac in real life. Very outstanding colour, thanks to Christine’s recommendation!