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NEW: L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows

Following the success of the Color Riche Gold Collection released by L’Oreal last Christmas, I am pleased to announce that L’Oreal had brought in different colours of their highly-raved La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows into Singapore.

I picked up just 5 colours as the darker shades felt a little gritty and less pigmented as compared to the lighter shades.

swatches in natural light (L-R: Hourglass Beige, Forever Pink, Purple Obsession, Endless Chocolat, Flashback Silver)

swatches with flash

Some EOTD featuring a couple of these new shadows:

Eyes: Virgin (UD Naked Palette) on browbone, L’Oreal Hourglass Beige on entire eyelid, L’Oreal Endless Chocolat on wide outer-V, Darkhorse (UD Naked Palette) on narrow outer-V right up to only the crease, Clio Gelpresso Eyeliner in 07 Golden Black , Clinique High Impact Mascara


Eyes: L’Oreal Hourglass Beige on browbone (sheer wash), L’Oreal Forever Pink on entire eyelids, Naked (UD Naked Palette) on outer half of upper lids, Darkhorse (UD Naked Palette) on narrow outer-V, Clio Gelpresso Eyeliner in 07 Golden Black , Clinique High Impact Mascara

Another look featuring Bronze Divine (or Bronze Goddess) from the Color Riche Gold Collection for a fun smokey look:

 Eyes: L’Oreal Hourglass Beige as highlighter, L’Oreal Bronze Divine (Bronze Goddess) on inner part of lid, UD Darkhorse (Naked Palette) as contouring colour on outer-V, UD Creep (Naked Palette) on crease, Clinique Quickliner for Eyes Intense #01 Intense Black, Clinique High Impact Mascara

I have worn these shadows for up to 12 hours without any creasing with Urban Decay Primer Potion beneath. In conclusion, I ADORE these shadows – they are versatile, easily blendable and provides great shine without being too overly shimmery for day time. A sheer wash gives a soft subtle sheen to the lids whereas the shadows pack a helluva punch when packed on. These are definitely worth checking out and are worth every single penny I paid for them. If I could only choose one to purchase, I’d definitely go for Hourglass Beige because it is great as a sheer wash, as a highlighter or as an eyeshadow colour on its own. These retail for $14.90 each.


Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush – 21 Peach Nuance

After endlessly trying out some of Estee Lauder’s blushers, I finally decided to pick up my absolute favourite – the 21 Peach Nuance which reminds me a lot of MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre which was limited edition. For those who are still in search of MAC Ripe Peach, you can consider the Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in 21 Peach Nuance because of their similarity.  In fact, they are said to be close dupes of each other.

Estee Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush – 21 Peach Nuance

This is a gradient blush that consists of a warm yellow that gradually fades into a bright pinky-coral. Even though this looks matte under regular lights, it actually contains very fine shimmers that does not translate well onto the skin.  A tiny cheek brush is also included in the compact which makes it very convenient for touchups on the go. However, care has to be taken when applying this blush because it is quite pigmented.


The swatch on the far right is with all colours blended together. I really like how it looks on the cheeks giving a very beautiful sunkissed peachy look. This colour is also suitable for a lot of skintones. Too much of it however, will make your cheeks look a tad orange though.


It is a little hard to tell the colour from my pictures because the camera is washing everything out but this blusher is intense and really vibrant in real life. I swiped this on with my trusty old Cyber Colors Blush Brush.

Face: Clinique Even Better Makeup #61 Ivory, Clinique Even Better Concealer #Light, Clinique Blended Face Powder #08 Transparency Neutral

Cheeks: Estee Lauder Silky Powder Blush #21 Peach Nuance

Eyes: Kose Visee Eyeshadow Palette N-5, Clinique Cream Shaper for Eyes #101 Black Diamond, MM Jewelling Pencil BE208, Clinique Lash Power Extension Visible Mascara


$50 / 7g – Available permanently at all Estee Lauder counters

Drugstore Series: Alobon Fantasy Magic Baking Powder Blush #13 & #27

Visited Mustafa Centre with a group of colleagues some weeks back and I took this opportunity to check out the range of drugstore cosmetics that were available there. For the uninitiated, Mustafa Centre is open 24/7 and carries the largest range of products among other retailers including electronics, beauty products, toiletries, furniture, bedding etc. It is exciting to shop there because you’d never know what treasures you may chance upon!

I found these Alobon Baked Blushers sitting forlornly in an unobtrusive corner amongst other random cosmetic products and initially I was ready to pass on them when curiosity got the better of me. Like any other beauty enthusiasts, I couldn’t help but reach in for a seemingly innocent swatch… and I ended up buying two of this babies home.

(L-R): #27, #13

They look really unassuming in the flimsy plastic packaging but they sure do pack a punch when swatched!

Don’t you just love mineralized blushers? The way these colours are swirled together remind me of the Paddlepop icecreams from my childhood days.



#27 is an orangey-bronze with plenty of silver swirled into it whereas #13 reminds me a little of MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Petticoat (but they aren’t dupes!). It is a berry/mauvish colour with pale pinks and a little bronze mixed into it.


This was two swipes over no base and while the blushers are powdery, they do not look chalky nor faded and show up very well against my skin with a LOT of shimmers.

#13 worn on cheek

#27 worn on cheek

I had wanted to use #27 as a highlighter but apparently the orangey-bronze is overpowering and hence it makes a really nice contouring blush whereas #13 just shows up as a healthy berry pink on me but too much and the tendency of appearing too red is high. When worn, the silver shimmer sheen is noticeable in both pictures and therefore may not be so suitable for people battling pore problems or people with oily skin. These blushers really look very dewy and shiny due to the shimmer particles but one upside is that the shimmer bits are not chunky. I recommend going very lighthanded with them because they can look overpowering on the cheeks. I don’t love them, but they are such nice additions to my blush collection and will be perfect for anyone new to makeup or are just starting to build up their kit.


$6.80 / Net vol. was not recorded on the packaging 😦

Guerlain Spring 2012: Cruel Gardenia Météorites Pressed Powder

The Guerlain Spring 2012 Makeup Collection is out at Takashimaya! I am very excited to be able to pick up the Cruel Gardenia Météorites Pressed Powder that I’ve been eagerly waiting for since November 2011. Prior to the launch of the collection, I spent hours and days googling for swatches and pictures of it and the more I viewed, the more I wanted it!

This powder is simply breathtaking and it’s not just because of the visual appeal. The powder feels incredibly creamy and smooth to the touch as it is milled finely to perfection.

L: blended out, R: heavily swatched

Sunlight shot

The result is a shimmery pale pink powder that will work as a highlight or shimmery face powder.  I have used a fair bit before I took the sunlight shot so it looks kind of mooshy in the centre.. And clumsy me managed to nick parts of the outer petals when I wasn’t careful with the screw on top 😦 But still beautiful nonetheless!

Wearing the Guerlain Cruel Gardenia Météorites as an all-over face powder with extra on the nose bridge for highlight:

Face: Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream #1 Fresh, Cruel Gardenia Météorites Pressed Powder

Eyes: Naked Palette – Virgin, Sin and Toasted, Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Brown on upper lashline, Milani Liquif’eye Pencil Liner in Brown on lower lashline, Maybelline The Magnum Volum’ Express Mascara

When applied with a loose fluffy brush, the Cruel Gardenia Météorites Pressed Powder gives the most subtle healthy glow to the skin without making one look like a disco ball. When used as a highlighter, a small dense brush is required to pick up enough colour without caking on too much product. This product works well both ways. However, in my opinion, this is nice to have but not an absolute must have unless you are a collector or Guerlain fan. The product is not particularly unique save for the design.

Price: $88 / 9g

Elianto: Haul & Initial Impressions

Visited the Elianto stand-alone store in Genting Highlands when I was there over the weekends. I was never keen on Elianto, especially when the product range is limited and it does not seem to get much exposure in Singapore (we do have a store at Tampines Mall though). They were having some sort of Xmas promotions (as categorized by the display of beautiful boxes and pouches) so I decided to pop by to see what they had to offer.

As such I ended up with these:

Baked Blush – 01 Angel Pink

Baked Eyeshadow – Zebra

Fresia Blush – 01

Fresia Eyeshadow – 03 Purple Haze


These shadows were very smooth and pigmented, all swatched without a base. The baked shadows and blush can be used wet for more intensity according to the SA as they can look a little flat when used dry.

4-pan palette RM14 + singles RM 12 ea


Prince3na Mascara – Volume & Long Lash

close up of wand

Stay On Max Eyeliner – Twilight Black

These products came in promotional sets with the exception of the 4-pan eyeshadow palette:

Fresia Blush + Fresia Eyeshadow + Prince3na Mascara (fixed) = RM69 

Baked Blush + Baked Eyeshadow Duo + Stay On Max Eyeliner (fixed) = RM69

These sets also come with adorable ribbon satin pouches which are perfect for travel.

My thoughts:

Eyeshadows – Very pigmented and silky smooth but texture can be a little crumbly and soft because it is so loosely pressed. I feel that it might break easily so it pays to be careful when travelling with it. Wide colour range available too at affordable prices (RM12 to RM18 depending on range) so you will definitely find something you like. Comes in various finishes – matte, satin, shimmers, glitters etc. The Fresia Eyeshadow can be a little chalky and flaky but tapping off any excess before applying will help. Pretty nice for the price but not the best. Baked eyeshadows are average (almost similar to MAC Mineralized Eyeshadow Duos), you need to apply it wet for more intensity otherwise you might need to pack on more. Good for daily neutral looks although better pigmentation is preferred.

Blushers – Very lovely! My favourite is the Fresia blush which comes with 4 shades so it is easy to mix and match. I love to use with all 4 colours swatched together as it gives a healthy baby pink flush without being OTT. The colour tends to oxidise into a peachy pink as it wears on but that’s not a big issue for me since a peachy pink looks more natural on me than a full-on baby pink.

Volume & Long Lash Mascara – The most promising of the lot. I had low expectations for it (because of its similarity to the Fairydrops mascara which totally failed me) even though I had really good experience with Korean brand mascaras. I find the wand a little too big for my eyes (been really spoilt by the tiny mascara wands by ZA) but that does not mean it doesn’t work. In fact it applies well, dries quickly and volumizes my lashes without the clumping (I’m looking at you, ZA). The best part? It stays on all day long without smudging and yet removes easily with my Neutrogena Eye & Lip MU remover and warm water.

Stay On Max Eyeliner – Automatic eyeliner pencil similar to Clinique Quickliner for Eyes. This is a waste of time and money! No wonder it was bundled with the promotional sets. Drags eyelid like crazy, lousy pigmentation, fat pencil tip makes it hard to draw a fine line and worse part? It does not “stay on max”. I crimped my lashes after drawing on the eyeliner and it rubbed right off my eyelids. Total fail. It also does not seem to set no matter how long I waited and honestly, I do not have so much time in the morning to wait for my liner to set >.<

On a totally unrelated note, I spotted this really cute Lulu Australia bucket tote which I fell in love with immediately:

Haul & Review: L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows – Christmas 2011

For those who had been following my twitter would have known that I spotted some new shadows at L’Oreal counters and I have been super excited about it because these shadows remind me a lot of those Giorgio Armani ETKs and Chanel Illusion d’Ombres but at a fraction of the price.

These are none other than the L’Oreal La Couleur Infallible Eyeshadows that is released alongside a limited edition Colour Riche Gold collection for Christmas according to the L’Oreal BAs. There were five of these available with a couple of shimmery lipsticks. I picked up four (besides Gold Mine) as I hardly wear golds.

021 Sahara Treasure, 022 Emerald Lamé, 023 Black Onyx, 024 Bronze Goddess

These came with a black flat plastic lid to keep the shadows pressed down in place. Please note that these are actually powder shadows and they have a tendency to separate and stick to the lid if you do not keep them pressed down (which was what happened to my Sahara Treasure).

Swatches to share:

natural light

Did a quick look using Sahara Treasure:

Eyes: L’Oreal Infallible Color – Sahara Treasure on inner 2/3rds of eye, UD Alice in Wonderland palette – Mad Hatter on outer 1/3rd, Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner – Black Brown, ZA Impact Lash Volume Mascara on top/bottom lashes

I also tried googling for these shadows and I realized that different colours were released in different parts of the world with those being permanent. I did not manage to find them on or unfortunately, because I would definitely like to buy all of them! These shadows are also very affordable at $14.90 apiece (in Canada it is $10.99 I believe).

These eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented and glittery and despite the glitter, they feel very velvety and smooth. They are not bouncy nor cushy because these are more like pressed pigments instead of being a cream-to-powder shadow. That is one of the advantages of this shadow – they do not dry out easily due to its powder base. I love how these go on and they blend easily just using fingers.  They wore rather well for me with a primer too and can easily be sheered out for a light wash of colour or patted on for more colour.  For the price, these are definitely great quality. The only complaint is the black plastic lids that came along with them. The little “handles” on them are too small for my fingers and I kept ending up with excess product on my fingers.


$14.90 / 3.5g

There is a current promotion at Watsons for L’Oreal products where you buy 2 and get 1 free (the lowest-priced one) so that is a great deal.

John Little also has direct 20% off for selected brands (including L’Oreal) but the Watsons deal works out cheaper.

You can check out these blogs for more swatches for the other shades available and comparisons to Giorgio Armani ETKs (if you do not know, GA is a brand under the umbrella of L’Oreal Group):

Bebe’s Beauty Blog and Review

London Makeup Girl

Please let me know if you know where I can get the other colours because I would definitely love to stock up on them! 🙂

Drugstore Series: Bébé Poshé Dazzling Eye Pencil

After discovering Bébé Poshé in the Watsons near me, I only picked up the Dazzling Eye Pencils because they really wow-ed me at first swatch. Besides, there was a $5 off their Eye Pencils so it cost me about $12.90 each instead of the usual price of $17.90.

They come in different textures in both mattes and metallics. The longevity of these pencils are amazing and rivals pencils from high-end brands like Urban Decay and MAC.

a variety of looks can be created using different colours

loving the designs on the pencils

Swatches (L-R: 01 Black Diamond, 02 Metallic Copper, 03 Midnight Blue, 04 Starry Plum):

with flash

natural light

01 Black Diamond: Rich intense black with sparse blue/green shimmers

02 Metallic Copper: Rusty copper metallic brown with speckles of gold shimmers

03 Midnight Blue: Creamy dark purple blue with green shimmers

04 Starry Plum: Medium purple with intense pink shimmers

So far, I’m liking them but I’ve got problems with my 03 Midnight Blue pencil. The tip is so soft that it broke before I swatched it. I ended up having to sharpen it but it constantly revealed a tip that was hollow within (wtf?).  And because of its hollowness, the pencil broke when I touched the tip to my skin which was terrible.  This particular pencil is also much creamier than the others so this caused the tip to blunt very fast. I have barely started using this pencil and everytime I tried swatching it, it crumbles to nothing. It is now sharpened to death and I am very disappointed 😦 I don’t know if I had gotten a dud but this particular pencil didn’t impress me very much even though the colour intensity was astounding and the longevity was amazing.

Sleek Monaco Palette

Received the Sleek Monaco Palette about a week ago from under-twenty20. Am rather impressed with their service because it arrived very quickly even though it’s via normal mail.

Anyway! Here is the palette:

As usual, the colours are housed in a flat sleek plastic case.

with flash

There was a clear plastic sheet protecting the shadows with their respective names printed on it. This is slightly different from their previous palettes where there were no shade names.

Close ups:

Swatches (in different lighting):

Well, some of the shades especially that matte ones, are slightly chalky and take some effort to show up when swatched but I believe these will improve with the use of a good base. The shimmery shades are smooth and goes on very well with just one swipe.

All in all, I really love this palette for its versatility and I look forward to using it 🙂

EOTD: Topshop Mousse Eyeshadow – Glint

Tested out my new Topshop Mousse Eyeshadow in Glint!

Swatched (on right):

On my eyes, it’s the perfect shade of brown with subtle shimmers.


Lasts all day long for me over UDPP. Beautiful shade of brown makes it a great neutral for conservative work places or school when you don’t want to look too made up. Looks great paired with a dark winged liner for extra definition or on its own.


Contains some red undertones which may be less than desirable for people battling redness on their eyelids or are prone to looking puffy. Also may be prone to creasing without UDPP as a base.

My Thoughts:

Nice, moussy texture, dries down to a non-sticky finish but not powdery. Sheer to medium pigmentation and takes some effort to build up. Blendable and applies fairly easily even for makeup beginners. Perfect for a sheer wash of colour on the lids, performs much better as a base shade by layering powder eyeshadows on top for more definition. Great for people new to cream shadows as this is foolproof.

Can be crumbly if you apply too much at one go so moderation is key and less is truly more. I find that fingers are the best tools to use with these shadows as using a brush tends to make it crumble even more.

At this price point, the pros outweigh the cons and I’d say go for it! I have been using this daily ever since I had gotten it and I love it for school 🙂


$19/5g at Topshop (Only ION, Knightsbridge, Vivocity)

OPI Tickle My France-y

Picked up OPI Tickle My France-y some time ago but this is the first time I’m wearing it!


This is the awesome-est nudish pink to wear to work. Very nice neutral, appears lilac/pink with some brown/mauve undertones. Formula was excellent too, goes on in one smooth coat. I used 2 coats as usual. If you notice some shimmers, it’s because I layered Zoya Gigi over it (would love to wear TMF alone, but I accidentally smudged one finger).