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UD Alice in Wonderland Palette – Gold Look

Did this neutral look using Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette, using mostly gold, browns and blacks to match my gold nails 😀


Products Used:

I was using MAC Venomous Villian Beauty Powder in Oh So Fair:

Not sure if you can see it here, but it’s a pale pink that appears slightly peachy on me 🙂 The weather was sweltering when I put my MU on so it looks slightly uneven as I was perspiring.

I’ve had my Lunasol Modelling Water LF for quite some time now, almost a year if I recall correctly, but I seem to have lost my love for it after trying out other brands of BB creams and LFs. This isn’t as long-lasting as I’d have liked, and isn’t sweat-resistant. When I dabbed away beads of perspiration, I could see LF coming off (even when the MU had set) on the tissue and it left patches on my skin like the perspiration was melting my base makeup. This doesn’t happen with my other LFs. I might continue to use this, but I probably won’t wear it shopping or when I have to do a lot of physical activity because I’m pretty much sure this won’t stay 😦


Another purple look!

I did another purple look yesterday using  Kanebo Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in VI708. It’s a very lovely palette but it lacks the shimmer that Lunasol/Jill Stuart palettes have. Instead, it has a very subtle sheen that borders almost on being matte but not quite.


Quite a subtle look if you ask me, but I did pack on the darker purple for it to show up better on camera.

Products Used:

The lid of my eyeshadow palette came off because I accidentally dropped the palette so time ago 😦 Fragile packaging, but luckily my eyeshadows were not shattered.

Kanebo Integrate Rainbow Grade Eyes in VI708:

I did not use the glitter shade as I felt it was too over the top for day but it is meant to be patted over the centre of your eyelid (right on top of your eyeball) for extra shine and definition. These shadows are of good quality and pigmentation for the price, a worthwhile purchase indeed. The darkest colour is a tad chalky and has some fall outs but it’s not a major concern.

I also used Urban Decay Afterglow Powder Blush in Quickie:

In pan, this is a bright cool-toned pink with slight shimmers in it. However it looks peachy on me. Unfortunate:(

FOTD: UD Naked Palette + MAC Well Dressed

Really bad lighting today due to the weather so I had to take my pictures with flash. A very quick look using Urban Decay Naked Palette 🙂


I love how the shadows give such a nice pearly sheen 🙂

Products I Used:


Shades used (Virgin, Sin, Naked, Dark Horse, Creep):

Well-Dressed was one of my first MAC blushers. It took me so long to hit pan and recently I have not been using it at all. It’s a satiny pale pink with a silvery sheen to it:) Rhapsody-in-Two is released as part of the Too Fabulous collection in 2010 and I love this as both a highlighter and a blusher. The shimmer is very fine and adds a lovely glow to the cheekbones. Definitely a favourite (along with Moon River)! 🙂