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Swatch & Review: MISA Love Bite

Finally got a chance to wear this polish 🙂

I don’t know how to describe this polish… It’s an absolutely beautiful vampy jelly. Look at the finish, it’s shiny even without top coat (but I did wear top coat anyway). It’s a dark magenta on first coat but it builds up to a nice reddish brown. Gorgeous.


OPI Cuckoo For This Color & OPI Tease-y Does It

OPI Cuckoo for This Color (3coats):

Under sunlight:

This is such a pretty blue/green (more green in my opinion) with plenty of microshimmers. It appears different under different lighting so I really cannot find a suitable description for it. Under artificial light, it appears similar to a blackened teal, but it does not lose that green nor did it appear black. Great formula too 😉

OPI Tease-y Does It (2coats):

Under direct sunlight:

The gold flakes in the brown/purple base is to die for… 🙂 This looks amazing under the sun but it’s still a unique and gorgeous vamp under indoor lighting. Lincoln Park At Midnight is way darker and lacks the lustre of TDI. Both are beautiful in their own ways though 😉

OPI Dating A Royal + OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight

Just swatches of some OPI polishes I had on yesterday and today:

OPI Dating A Royal (2coats):

Borrowed this from my sister 😛 This is a very nice rich-looking royal blue creme that looks perfect on about every skin tone. Every blue fiend needs this, Im not even a blue polish fan but I quite like how it looks on me even though it doesn’t look very attractive in the bottle. Formula was thin but pigmented and easy to apply.

OPI Lincoln Park At Midnight (2coats):

Under sunlight:

This is a vampy dark eggplant with very elegant shimmers. Even in artificial lighting it looks like a very dark plum instead of black like most vampy colors. Sigh, I love this so much and I can see why it is so highly raved. A good thing it isn’t LE! I had this bottle for a couple of years (why, it’s almost as old as my China Glaze Ruby Pumps) and the formula is still intact after all this years. Granted, it’s slightly goopy and crusty around the bottle opening but I had no application issues with this unlike Ruby Pumps which caused a jelly mess all over my cuticles. A definite must have for any vampy lovers. This is too sexy a colour to pass up.

It does remind me of Tease-y Does It though, just that Teas-y Does It has a lot more shimmers to it. I might do a comparison soon.

But I know, guys don’t ever get it. My dad went “Your fingers looked like they got poisoned” during lunch today. 0_O