Swatch & Review: OPI Who Needs A Prince & OPI Houston We Have A Purple

OPI Who Needs A Prince (3 coats):

You can see the opalescent shimmer here:

Released with the Princess Charming Collection.

Looks like a crisp white in bottle with a tint of pink. A dream to apply. Perfectly opaque in 3 coats, but it wears well as a sheer. This colour is very clean, fresh and bridal-like. Great if you need to look polished without going OTT. Some people described this as a jelly but in my opinion, it still falls short. It’s still gorgeous nonetheless!

OPI Houston We Have A Purple (2 coats):

So glossy it should be made illegal!

Time to break out the jellies while my nails are short and stubby! Houston We Have A Purple is released with the OPI Texas Collection and it’s a pink/red violet. Reminds me of raspberry lollipops.  OPI describes this new finish as a “sorbet” but we all know it’s just a jelly. This however, looks so much glossier and “squish-ier” than a regular jelly polish. I have a love-hate relationship with jellies – they are so glossy yet so hard to apply evenly. If you aren’t careful, spots where you apply more polish turns out darker than spots you might have missed. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful color with an even more beautiful finish. I can never get enough of the glossy awesomeness.

That said, I would probably not wear this on long nails because of the VNL. It sure looks good on shorter nails too 😉


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