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Kanebo Markdown Sale December 2011: Haul

Snapshots of my haul from the Kanebo Christmas sales!

From Lunasol:

Aurorized Eyes in #02 & #03, Shining Face Color (2010 Winter), Aurorized Nuance Eyes in EX02 & EX03, Full Glamour Gloss EX15, Gel Eyeliner #01 Deep Black, First Skin Adjuster

Aurorized Eyes #02 Light Variation, #03 Gentle Variation

From Coffret D’Or:

Eyeshadow Base #02, RT Veil Misty Lotion and Makeup Base, Beauty Lasting Liquid UV Foundation #BE-B, Beauty C Curve Eyes #01, Jewelcious Eyes #02

Beauty C Curve Eyes #01, Jewelcious Eyes #02

From Kate Cosmetics:

The gel/cream shadows were at a great deal at only $3 each and they are very shiny and gives a wet look to the eyes. Compared to the Lunasol Aurorized Nuance Eyes, their shimmers are chunkier and less refined but beautiful nonetheless.

And lastly, a skincare set from Blanchir Superior:

The White Deep Clear Conditioner set was also available at the same price of $25 (UP $60 iirc). I had tried the Conditioner set before and it was not too bad (reminds me of Shiseido White Lucent Softener) so I decided to try out the White Luster set which is supposed to be a serum of some sort that has to be applied with cotton pads to smooth skin and get rid of dead skin cells.

The sale is ending tomorrow on the 23rd December 2011 so do make your way down as soon as you can for some worthy buys (imagine paying drugstore prices for high-end/high quality products 😉 )

Please feel free to check out Airmeli for her Kanebo sales haul and Elaine for her fabulous swatches on the Lunasol Full Glamour Liquid Lips that were available at the sales.


Kate Dual Carat Eyes + Shu Uemura Blush M Pink 33C

Haven’t been posting any FOTDs recently because I’ve been so damn busy preparing for my exams and hardly went out 😦

I might have to wean off blogging for a while because of 2 other papers coming up till mid-May.

We’ll see how it goes!


I have been wearing the same old pair of falsies so pardon me if they look worn out and old at the band. It’s tough to clean those areas 😛

Products Used:

The Loreal True Match Liquid Foundation is an “old flame”. I had left it at SO’s house and JUST recently got it back because it was seriously under-used. It’s good for oily skins I suppose because I find it slightly too mattifying for me.

Kanebo Kate Dual Carat Eyes BR-3:

The Dual Carat Eyes are from Kate and they have since been discontinued. I think it’s a real pity because these are superduper shimmery and pigmented. It isn’t as fine as other high-end Japanese eyeshadows but still, it’s good value for the money paid.

See how sparkly it is? The brown shade has colorful glitter flakes in it and the highlighting creamy-white shade is nice and frosty.  Just the way I like my highlighters to be 😛

On my cheeks, I used the Shu Uemura Powder Blush in M Pink 33C. It’s super old. One of my first blushers I think.

It’s a pale pink with a hint of mauvish undertones to it.

See how it just shows up as pink on my cheeks? It’s hard to overdo this blush, I had to swipe a gazillion times for it to show up in the camera because it is SO SHEER.  It’s pretty though, very natural for daily looks and whatnots.

This could be my last FOTD for a long time, till then!

Barely-there make up!

I did a very simple neutral look today for a luncheon with my family using Kanebo Kate Diamond Cut Eyes in BR3. The sun was almost setting when I got home and basically the lighting really sucked 😦


The pictures were actually digitally enhanced for the colours to show up. Somehow the camera + lighting had managed to completely wash out the eye colours 😦

It is really quite a subtle, barely-there eye makeup using mostly browns and a black eye liner. I used brown eyeliner for my lower lash line and waterline though to give a look that is less harsh.

Products used:

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes BR-3:

Swatched in natural light

Yesterday I did a look using Bobbi Brown Rose Shimmerbrick, so today I paired this eye look with Bobbi Brown Apricot Shimmerbrick which is one of my absolute favourite blush!

This was a heavy swatch in natural light, it really doesn’t show up so orangey in real life.

I think this picture shows the glowy sheen best:

Click on image to see the delicate shimmer of BB Apricot Shimmerbrick 😀

It is really more of a tinted highlight rather than a blush for me, because the more colour you pack on, the more sheen it’d give. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if you are residing in a cold country, but here, it’s always humid so I tend to oil up easily. Too much ‘glow’ tends to make me look like an oil slick at the end of the day.

FOTD: Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Palette GY-1 ft. Muji Swirl Blush

This was what I wore for clubbing over the weekends, it’s a neutral smoky eye with light peachy cheeks and subtle lips as the focus was meant to be on the eyes.

I had also worn 2 pairs of fake lashes (one on top of the other) to achieve that voluminous intense look. The lashes also show up better in photos under dim lighting 😛


I only used one eyeshadow palette and in this case it was the Kanebo Kate Deep Eyes Palette in GY-1.

Products Used:

The colours are slightly on the sheerer side and they tend to be rather powdery so it is advised to pat them on rather than swiping. I used this palette with the sponge applicators they came with as that helped with the pigmentation.

As for blush, I used a Muji swirly blush that I picked up 2-3months ago for less than $20 if I recall correctly. There are two colours available – pink and peach. I used the peach one.

It is a true peach when swatched and is not overly glittery. The micro-sparkles in the blush lend a very nice glow to the entire look without being over the top and without a need for a separate highlighter. It’s one of my favourite go-to blush as it applies sheer and is highly buildable for more intensity.

Ok, just wanna rant! I lost my trusty (almost new, ok maybe 1/4 used) UD 24/7 Black Liner. IN my house. Luckily I have Milani Liquif’eye to fall back on, it is quite a dupe (if not better) than UD in my opinion. I will do a full review on this new find soon 😀