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OPI Big Hair…Big Nails

OPI Big Hair… Big Nails is an orange that is leaning towards tomato-red. Sounds like a coral eh? Under room lighting it leans towards more of a red on me, but it’s a different story in the day time with natural light filtering in from my windows 🙂

I’ve been neglecting my OPIs so much lately 😦

OPI Big Hair… Big Nails (3 coats):

Loving the squishy-goodness

Big Hair… Big Nails was released with the OPI Texas Collection and was part of the new “sorbet” finishes that OPI came up with. The last picture was taken in front of a direct sunlight so you can see the orange-y undertones of the polish. It’s also quite sheer at 3 coats but that’s to be expected of jellies. I find the formula and coverage much better than Houston We Have A Purple which I reviewed here. I was hoping for something more orange-y but this one would do well too…


Swatch & Review: OPI Who Needs A Prince & OPI Houston We Have A Purple

OPI Who Needs A Prince (3 coats):

You can see the opalescent shimmer here:

Released with the Princess Charming Collection.

Looks like a crisp white in bottle with a tint of pink. A dream to apply. Perfectly opaque in 3 coats, but it wears well as a sheer. This colour is very clean, fresh and bridal-like. Great if you need to look polished without going OTT. Some people described this as a jelly but in my opinion, it still falls short. It’s still gorgeous nonetheless!

OPI Houston We Have A Purple (2 coats):

So glossy it should be made illegal!

Time to break out the jellies while my nails are short and stubby! Houston We Have A Purple is released with the OPI Texas Collection and it’s a pink/red violet. Reminds me of raspberry lollipops.  OPI describes this new finish as a “sorbet” but we all know it’s just a jelly. This however, looks so much glossier and “squish-ier” than a regular jelly polish. I have a love-hate relationship with jellies – they are so glossy yet so hard to apply evenly. If you aren’t careful, spots where you apply more polish turns out darker than spots you might have missed. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful color with an even more beautiful finish. I can never get enough of the glossy awesomeness.

That said, I would probably not wear this on long nails because of the VNL. It sure looks good on shorter nails too 😉

Swatch & Review: MISA Love Bite

Finally got a chance to wear this polish 🙂

I don’t know how to describe this polish… It’s an absolutely beautiful vampy jelly. Look at the finish, it’s shiny even without top coat (but I did wear top coat anyway). It’s a dark magenta on first coat but it builds up to a nice reddish brown. Gorgeous.

Zoya Roxy…

.. Is by far my favourite!

Color Family: Purpless

Finish: Metallic

Intensity: 4 (1=sheer, 5=opaque)

Tone: Cool

Original Collection: Masquerade

Zoya Roxy (3coats):

Direct Sunlight:

I had left the images large so they are clickable to view the polish in its full glory.

This is a sheer polish with bright purple glitters suspended in a magenta jelly base. Kinda reminded me of the purple version of China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps. It dries down to a less shiny finish so a top coat is definitely required for full-on shine. It looks pretty amazing even under artificial lights, totally a winner.

The application was awkward though, I don’t know if I had received a dud bottle or something but this was goopy and uneven when I first swatched it. It was fine after I thinned it out with Orly’s Nail Lacquer Thinner. It was a little hard to spread the glitters evenly on the nail even with 3 coats. Perhaps letting the coats dry completely in between will yield better results but I had no such patience.

Nonetheless, it is not so obvious in real life so Im gonna let it go. The macro function shots are totally unforgiving and I apologise for the uneven application near the cuticles, it’s a little bit hard to get the polish where I want it to. The colour is goooorgeeeeeeous though!

OPI Ali’s Big Break

Reds + glitter + jelly base = instant hit!

This is the type of reds that I love. OPI Ali’s Big Break is a candy apple red with sparkles in it. I don’t know how to describe it perfectly, and it’s so damn hard to capture with the camera but I LOVE IT TO DEATH.

OPI Ali’s Big Break (3 coats):

There! You can see the glitter flakes in it!

This was a 3-coater because it comes in a jelly base and is slightly sheer. However, it applies buttery smooth and the formula isn’t as thick as OPI formulations tend to be. It is so vibrant and pretty that I had to have it on my fingertips and toes 🙂

The glitter bits are very subtle and is only noticeable in direct sunlight or if you peer closely at the nail. I was hoping this red will bring me tonnes of luck for my first paper in school!

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

One of my favourite reds! I got this when it first launched many many many years back and this never failed to be my go-to glitter red polish. However the formula in my bottle had thickened due to the storage and it was a little bit hard to apply without getting clumps.

China Glaze Ruby Pumps:

You can see how old mine is, judging from the worn out decals on the bottle 😦 I really need a new one or use a thinner to dilute this if I want to keep this 😛

This is red glitters in a red jelly base, it looks amazing in the sunlight. Very festive in my opinion, I totally love this! 😀

ORLY Cosmic FX – It’s Not Rocket Science

Received this from Nailvibe yesterday afternoon 🙂 This is what I’m wearing today!

What a gorgeous colour in the bottle!

NOTD (3 coats):

It’s a murky yellow-green in a jelly base jam packed with sparkles. Super pretty! Application was easy, went on without much trouble but first coat could be sheer. Actually 2 thick coats should have sufficed but I added on a third thick coat just to make it 100% opaque on the nails.

It looks different from different angles! Gorgeous.

Indirect sunlight, no flash:

See how much it glimmers even without flash? I lovelovelove this polish :D:D