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NOTD: OPI Samoan Sand

Another nude I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

This goes on quite streaky on the first coat but evens out nicely on the second. I wore 3 coats for maximum opacity and this also helps reduce the streaks. Definitely a must-have polish for “mannequin hands”. It also reminds me a lot of Zoya Melodie just that OPI Samoan Sand has a touch more pink/peach in it.

Yes, I certainly consider this a staple in any polish fiend’s stash.


OPI Grape Set Match + OPI Servin’ Up Sparkle

I have worn this manicure for a full week, which says quite a lot!

I love how it really sparkles, Servin’ Up Sparkle really transforms Grape Set Match into something else altogether 😉

Sorry I do not have Grape Set Match worn alone 😦 But it’s a really rich royal purple/blue. Super amazing on its own too!

Look at the sparkles inside Grape Set Match!

OPI Tickle My France-y

Picked up OPI Tickle My France-y some time ago but this is the first time I’m wearing it!


This is the awesome-est nudish pink to wear to work. Very nice neutral, appears lilac/pink with some brown/mauve undertones. Formula was excellent too, goes on in one smooth coat. I used 2 coats as usual. If you notice some shimmers, it’s because I layered Zoya Gigi over it (would love to wear TMF alone, but I accidentally smudged one finger).

OPI Simply Smashing!

Have been wearing OPI’s Simply Smashing from the first Serena Williams Grand Slam collection and comes in a set with the Black Shatter. However I didn’t get the black shatter because I’ve heard how goopy and thick it could become :/

This is a very pretty yellow-green that reminds me of a tennis ball indeed.

under direct sunlight

with flash

NOTD: OPI Rally Pretty Pink + OPI Red Shatter

Wore the OPI Rally Pretty Pink alone for a day before I layered Red Shatter (that comes with the Serena Glam Slam set) over it just to see how it performs:

with flash

Wow. I am not a fan of shatters, in fact I probably wouldn’t get this if not for the fact that it comes together with Rally Pretty Pink. It goes on rich and smooth and crackles easily. By the time I was done with all ten fingers, the shatter polish had dried and I was able to apply a top coat.

This makes an interesting effect but I’d have preferred that the shatter polish crackles in chunky bits rather than in vertical stripes 😦 But perhaps it’s just my technique (or lack of it)! Love how the gold shimmers peek out underneath the shatter but honestly…. I preferred wearing Rally Pretty Pink alone.

NOTD: OPI Rally Pretty Pink

I got the OPI Serena Glam Slam Rally Pretty Pink & Red Shatter set from smoochiezz at only $20. Quite a deal in my opinion as it’s usually going for $25 or so on other nail supplies blogshops. Anyway. I decided to try out the raved Rally Pretty Pink on its own today:)

natural light

close ups

direct sunlight

with flash

They really look more or less the same even under different lights where the gold bronzy shimmers are very prominent against the sheer mauve base. It’s a very classy colour where you look subtly polished (pun unintended!) without looking like you are trying too hard. This is mentioned to be a dupe of Zoya Faye, and I’d say they look very identical on the swatch pictures that I had seen online. It veers towards the sheer side though, and it took me about 3 coats to build up the opacity but I think two would have sufficed (the shimmers made it hard to guage). Formula for this polish is awesome as usual and did not give me any troubles. Drying time was good too and paired extremely well with my trusty ol’ Poshe Top Coat.

Swatch: OPI My Private Jet + Nubar 2010

MPJ is a stunning polish, and I thought I’d just amp it up with a little bit of Nubar 2010! Whenever I use Nubar 2010, I think of ladeekim because I’ve never met anyone who is so passionate about Nubar LOL!

holy shizzzzzzz

reminds me of a reptile

This is just one coat of Nubar 2010 over 2 coats of OPI MPJ. It seems to transform the base color of MPJ from a charcoal-grey to a plummy-brown. I have no top coat on it but it’s recommended because you can see that the polish dries slightly matte.

Swatch & Review: OPI My Private Jet

OPI My Private Jet is a dark charcoal grey/brown with plenty of glamourous glitter bits in it making it look super luxurious on the nails especially under sunlight. I know there were some discrepancies about the different versions of MPJ around the world but as far as I know, the original MPJ is a holographic whereas the subsequent versions that were released are more glittery instead of being holographic.

Mine is definitely not a holo as you are to tell from my pictures… But this polish is amazing in its own way as far as I’m concerned.

Under the sun

With flash

Nope not a holo. Still looks damn pretty though.

Formula is great for OPI, it applies as smooth as their Designer Series in my opinion but dries down to dull semi-matte finish so a top coat is definitely required (no reason to skip top coat anyway). The top coat really brings out the glorious shimmers 😉

With that, I bid you all a good day… And I’m looking forward to the weekends myself 😉

OPI Big Hair…Big Nails

OPI Big Hair… Big Nails is an orange that is leaning towards tomato-red. Sounds like a coral eh? Under room lighting it leans towards more of a red on me, but it’s a different story in the day time with natural light filtering in from my windows 🙂

I’ve been neglecting my OPIs so much lately 😦

OPI Big Hair… Big Nails (3 coats):

Loving the squishy-goodness

Big Hair… Big Nails was released with the OPI Texas Collection and was part of the new “sorbet” finishes that OPI came up with. The last picture was taken in front of a direct sunlight so you can see the orange-y undertones of the polish. It’s also quite sheer at 3 coats but that’s to be expected of jellies. I find the formula and coverage much better than Houston We Have A Purple which I reviewed here. I was hoping for something more orange-y but this one would do well too…

Swatch & Review: OPI Who The Shrek Are You

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, been so damn busy that I hardly even have time to do makeup in the mornings :/

OPI Who the Shrek Are You is an ugly colour in the bottle and reminds me of baby poop. It is a green with deep yellow undertones.

I know right, the description sounds disgusting. But it is an instant hit in my books. Despite it being a “pastel-y” creme, it went on easily with minimal streaks. I am quite happy with how this colour looks against my skin tone as it adds a pop of colour without being too gaudy. Reminds me of MISA’s Green With Envy (which I do not own) but I had read that it is a complete dupe 😉

Just to digress a little… I feel like I look better with shorter nails. It’s time to file them down but I wish I have more time on my hands!! 😦 Another month to go before I can finally find more time for myself 😦

And to digress a little more, I finally checked out and bought the Lunasol Summer 2011 eyeshadow palettes! Post up tomorrow…. Will try 😛