Mini Haul: Luxasia Warehouse Sale 2011

Met up with HS, Jemay and her friend to go to the Luxasia sales at Taiseng Street! Just wanna share what I got:

Écrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – 10 Rue Des Frances-Bourgeois, 93 Rue De Passy

The packaging is gorgeous. The metallic compact comes with intricate filigree details etched on the compact cover and opens and closes easily with a sturdy magnetic clasp.

10 Rue Des Frances-Bourgeois $50

93 Rue De Passy $50

Parure Aqua Radiant Feel-Good Foundation SPF20 $35

Duo Correcteur $15

Comes with 1 corrector and 1 concealer in a set. According to Guerlain, the yellow one is meant for dark circles whereas the nude beige one is meant for blemishes on the skin. However I feel that the nude beige one might work better on my undereye circles than the yellow one.

Lastly, I picked up a Lancaster Eye Makeup Remover for $15:

This time round the sales were pretty comprehensive in terms of perfumes and cosmetics especially Stila and Guerlain. Stila had plenty of lip glosses, makeup brushes (around $12-$29), single eyeshadows/blush etc. Guerlain and IPSA had a lot to offer unlike RMK. Prices were quite reasonable with the exception of the Guerlain eyeshadow palettes. However, the crowd was crazy with a lot of pushing and tugging (not unusual) but we also had to endure the heat (no aircon in the warehouse) as well as the nasty attitudes of the Luxasia people. We were chastised for sitting in a group while sorting our stuff, then also sternly reminded that we were not allowed to test the products when all we did was to open them up to check. I understand where they were coming from, but seriously, no need for such hostility.

Nonetheless, I had a great time with the girlies though and I am extremely excited about my purchases. Cannot wait to start playing with them especially the shadows 😉


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  1. *swooning over* 93 Rue De Passy E/S … What a gorgeous beauty!!

  2. Ohh your Rue de Passy palette is super nice!!! When I went there there’s no more Rue de Passy, there was only Rue de Sevres, Champs-Élysées (1 left!), Place Vendome (1 left as well– managed to get it for Hannah!) and Rue de Francs-Bourgeoise (1 left and I dished out the money for it boo hoo…) Did you see many of these palettes? Oh and did you see much RMK blushes and e/s??

    But I was so happy to see so many lip products that I got a few of them! Pity some lady snapped up the last LE meteorites; wanted to get that as the tin looked super nice!

    Wanted to get the Parure Aqua foundie too, but end up putting it back cause I realised I have yet to try the Korres Wild Rose my bf got me from Greece and I just ordered the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser… >.<

    Review your items soon k so excited for you hee! :D:D:D

    • When I went there I saw plenty of palettes and I started grabbing all and weeded the unwanted ones out before I made payment. Didn’t want to get too many of these because the colours are largely repetitive with just the centre colour different :/ but I totally adore the packaging! RMK did not have much eyeshadows/blush. If I remembered correctly they only have two blush available (a single and a mix blush and 3-strips-in-one palette – sorry Im not very familiar with their pdts), about 3-4 eyeshadow palettes (the 3-strips-in-one-kind and 2 palettes – one coral and one purple) but I didn’t know how much it costs because the collection was so small and I got distracted by Guerlain :/

      I DID NOT SEE ANY METEORITES OMG LUCKY WOMAN!! But that’s ok I just bought a full sized tin and am planning to go for the holiday 2011 collection later on this Nov 😛 I had a hard time choosing the shade for the Guerlain LF so die die also must buy one bottle to try hehehe. I mean it’s ONLY $35.. Good chance to try it out too. Please let me know how the Korres and LM fare, been wanting to get LM since forever but I’ve read that the oxidation is crazy.:(

      • Ya I actually didn’t want to get the Guerlain palette but I just loved the shimmery orange in the middle so much that I went nuts and got it! (even though i RARELY put e/s…) Ohh I managed to get the RMK spring modern cheeks (the one with 3 separated sections) and cp-ed 2 pale gold ones for Elaine! I think when I was there the 3 strips in 1 blush was already gone!

        Yea man that lady was super lucky!!! I have the old version 03 Beige Chic I got from a sale in Tangs and I quite like the finish– just not enough to buy another 1 at full price! But I’m very happy with my luxasia stash. The best buy for me was the Rouge G: I can totally understand why people love it so much!

        The holiday 2011 rouge automatique looks really good!!! Will you be getting any, other than the meteorites?? 😀

        Yes yes I’ll try the Korres one soon and the LM one… must wait for it to arrive from Saks hahaha! I just hope they don’t break me out; my face looks terrible enough!!! (the only 1 that broke me out a wee bit was Dior nude =\) think most likely won’t oxidise on me as i’ve never experienced foundation oxidising on me before, and I don’t use primers! Might be due to my skin type being combi-dry??

      • I tell you, the Guerlain palettes are amazing. I wore Rue de Passy today and it blends so well (despite using all 6 colours), Im sure you will love the Rue de Francs-Bourgeoise!What shade did you get for the Rouge G? I blew too much money on the Chanel lippies recently so didn’t really want to spend the money on other lippies but Im so keen on the Rouge Gs (especially the upcoming Holiday collection). I might get either the pressed highlight or the meteorites plus one lippie from the holiday collection but Im not too sure yet, might end up getting all though thats gonna break the bank :/

        Like you I have dry combi skin plus I seldom use primers and hardly any foundations oxidise on me with the exception of the recent Maybelline BB cream (plus the oxidation was REALLY bad) so Im quite wary of getting new stuff especially when LM isn’t exactly cheap. On a sidenote, I wore Guerlain Parure Aqua (from the sale) for about 10 hours today and I’m so happy with it! It has good oil control and zero oxidation despite targeting at drier skin types and gives a very nice glow when paired with the Guerlain Meteorites. Pity you didn’t manage to pick it up, I’m sure you’d have loved it too. 😉

  3. hi dear, do you happen to know the original prices of your $50 palettes?

  4. I got the Rouge G in 43 Ginger, orange-brown copper! On my lips it looks like a brightening orange copper so happy! 😀 the new holiday collection rouge automatique is super nice, especially the dark red one!!!

    ya LM is expensive, but i’m looking for good tinted moisturisers so i’ve decided to give it a shot! i like my becca luminous skin colour but i think it’s a wee bit too yellow so i’m trying to see if this LM one will suit my skintone better!

    haha i put the parure aqua back cause i think i’ve too many things in my bag!!! 1 e/s palette, 1 blush, 1 perfume and 4 lip products!!! that’s why i got scared!!! HAHAHA. so i had to stop my itchy fingers… >.< i usually don't need long-wearing foundations cause i seldom want it to stay the same like it was first put on; i like it when it melts with my facial oils and give a glow haha! but if i really want it to stay, i'll use the cle de peau primer– 8 hrs and more also won't budge!

    • Wow, Ginger sounds amazing. I look horrible in orange 😦 Really regretted not picking up any lippies from the sale! I didn’t even TRY to get near the lippies because it was SO BLOODY CROWDED. All I did was grab and go especially the palettes and foundations haha! Are you planning to head down to Guerlain to check out the new collection this 19th? We can go together! We share the same tastes in foundations, I like it better when it mixes with my facial oils (but not to the extent of separating or cracking on my face la!) cos it gives a very nice dewy sheen so my skin doesn’t look so shriveled and dry :/ Oh yes. I absolutely love the Korres Silicon-Free Vit E primer. That’s the best I’ve tried so far, makes your skin looks nice and glowy + increases the longevity of your foundation. Best part is… It’s silicon-free. Too much silicones actually break me out so I seldom wear a primer but I love the Korres 😀

      • I think you just need to find a good orange! Orange reds or orange corals maybe, to give your skin a pop of colour! Oh I was there like near 1pm, and by the time I was at Guerlain, it was 1.45 or so! I stayed around for half hour plus at Guerlain, till the point when there was NO queue at the cashier, that’s why I was able to take my time without anyone pushing me away heh. XD

        You meant the Lingerie de Peau compact foundation? i heard the coverage is very is so-so only for pores, doesn’t wear well in humidity and is quite matte (albeit natural kinda matte), from the foundation comparisons in Voce magazine. The good points are that it is translucent so it lets your natural skin peek through, and is very moisturising!

        My Saks items are here OMG. it was shipped on Friday and it arrived late this afternoon! So fast! I think that’s the difference between free shipping and paid express shipping… haha! YAY my LM tinted moisturiser and D&G blusher is hereeee, And my Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate! wheeee~

        I’m thinking of getting some more stuff there (the kid’s dress fits me to a T!) so if you want anything lemme know!!! :D:D:D

      • I was referring to the holiday collection Belle de Nuit! Wow the Saks orders are really shipped fast. Yay! 😀

  5. miss Elain-nio

    Great Hauls! Looking foward to your reviews on the Guerlain eye palettes! 🙂

    I couldn’t make it down to the sale.
    But,I had managed to get the RMK Summer palettes in EX03, EX04 & the RMK Pale Gold blush. All thanks to Yuan De! 🙂

  6. Oh HAHA silly me I thought it was the new foundation launch! yes the Belle de Nuit collection looks fab, especially the lipsticks!!! 😀

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